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Herbs for worms or pills: which is more effective Promo

Helminthiasis is a common disease that affects about 10% of the world's population.

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Herbs for worms or pills: which is more effective

No more than 70 types of helminths out of more than 300 existing in the world are distributed on the territory of Ukraine. More than 1000 people go to hospital every year because of the defeat of the body with worms. When the first symptoms of helminthiasis appear, the question arises - what drugs for worms better: natural or pharmacological. We will talk about this further.


Helminthiasis: causes and danger of the disease

People with weak immune systems, especially children and elderly patients, are more likely to become infected with worms. That is why they need to pay special attention to personal hygiene. It is important to ensure that babies do not put dirty hands or toys into their mouths on the playground and in crowded places, where the risk of getting sick is much higher than at home.

The most common worms that can enter the body:
1. Roundworms. They live in the intestines. Infection occurs due to dirty water, unprocessed food.
2. Flatworms. They are transmitted to a person with raw meat or a product of medium readiness.
3. Sisunya. There are more than 40 species of these helminths. They live in the liver, blood, lungs, brain and other organs. Identification and treatment occurs with the help of a specialist.
Ways of infection with helminthic invasion
● dirty hands;
● meat that has not undergone heat treatment;
● raw water;
● contact with an infected person or animal.

The main danger of helminthiasis is that its symptoms can appear long after infection. The first manifestations in the form of nausea, weakness, abdominal pain and weight loss can be confused with food poisoning. Symptoms that accurately indicate the presence of worms in the body are itching in the anus, which is most acute at night, bad breath and grinding of teeth in a dream.

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Means for the fight against worms

The choice of anthelmintic drugs is best left to the doctor. It is necessary to take into account the type of worms, showing the analysis of feces, as well as the patient's condition. The means for combating parasites, which offers pharmacy, can be divided into:
● drugs that prevent the consumption of sugar by helminths, necessary for their existence;
● funds that affect the nervous system of helminths, causing their paralysis and subsequent excretion from the body with a stool.

The latter type is more effective because it takes several days of treatment. It is better to choose a combined remedy that will be equally effective both for fighting eggs and helminth larvae, and with their adults.
Natural remedies for parasites in the body.

Natural remedies are very popular in the fight against worms. Their main advantage is the absence of side effects and negative effects on the body. But when choosing such a medicine, it should be borne in mind that much more time will be required to obtain the desired effect. Experts recommend using herbs for worms as a preventive measure, not as a primary treatment, as waiting too long in this fight can be detrimental to your health.



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