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April 30 2022 13: 15
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Fuel crisis: gasoline will rise in price in Ukraine

The decision was made at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on April 29

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Fuel crisis: gasoline will rise in price in Ukraine

Official statement: gasoline will rise in price in Ukraine. At a government meeting on April 29, the Cabinet of Ministers decided to increase the maximum level of trade surcharges for gasoline and diesel fuel.

MP from the Servant of the People faction Taras Melnichuk сообщаетthat diesel will become more expensive by 2 hryvnias, and gasoline - by almost 2 hryvnias. This decision is explained by the fight against the deficit. The Cabinet is confident that in this way we will overcome it in just one week.

“In order to prevent a shortage of fuel sold through a network of gas stations, I decided to increase the maximum level of trade allowances that are charged to the average cost of 1 liter of fuel, in particular, diesel fuel from 5 to 7 hryvnia, including VAT (by 40%) and gasoline automobile from UAH 4,55 to 6,50 including VAT (by 42,8%)”, - writes Melnichuk in his telegram channel.

First Deputy Prime Minister Yulia Sviridenko addsthat the rise in price is due to logistical problems. Many old routes do not work - you have to carry gasoline in detours and with the help of several modes of transport. In addition, we must not forget that the only oil refinery in the country was destroyed and is not working now.

"Over the past three weeks, the enemy has dealt crushing blows to the fuel infrastructure of Ukraine. In particular, the Kremenchug oil refinery, which was the main fuel producer in Ukraine, was destroyed, as well as a number of large oil depots of market operators with significant fuel reserves," Sviridenko says.

Director of Energy Programs at the Razumkov Center Vladimir Omelchenko In the comments Focus emphasizes that it is worth considering not only military, but also administrative reasons.

"I think this set of reasons gave rise to the problem. First of all, the logistical problems associated with the war, as well as the problems of inefficient regulation, the weak work of the Antimonopoly Committee. This combustible mixture created a problematic situation in the oil market," he says.

Note to motorists: more about the rise in the price of gasoline and the factors that affect it, we spoke in our yesterday's material. 

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