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14 August 2021 10: 25
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It's only the beginning. Racist scandal with Beleniuk: how "Servants of the People" reap the fruits of their own policy

For that fought for it and ran.

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It's only the beginning. Racist scandal with Beleniuk: how "Servants of the People" reap the fruits of their own policy

Racist scandal with the gold medalist of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo and the People's Deputy of Ukraine from the Servant of the People party Jean Beleniuk gaining momentum. Everyone from the President and members of the same party came to the defense of the Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling, who, by the way, ignored no less resonant scandal with another Olympic medalist Yaroslav Maguchy, to such political "semi-corpses" as former Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, which not so long ago invited insufficiently patriotic Ukrainians to go to Russia, said that any manifestations of racism or xenophobia in Ukraine are unacceptable. He wrote about this in his Twitter

“The Ukrainian anthem was played at the Olympics precisely thanks to Jean Beleniuk. He is one of the most worthy sons of Ukraine, our people are proud of him!” Zelensky wrote.

Responded to the incident and in the party "Servant of the people", naming the attack on Beleniuk "an act of aggression motivated by racism" and condemning the "use of hate speech".

“We, the Servant of the People party and faction, categorically condemn the use of any form of discrimination and aggression – based on race or any other. We emphasize that the patriotism of this or that citizen is not measured by his skin color, gender, ethnic origin or place of residence”, – stated in the official statement of CH.

At a minimum, it is strange to read about the measurement of patriotism not by “ethnic origin and place of residence” against the backdrop of recent statements by pro-government officials, politicians and, of course, activists about insufficiently patriotic Ukrainians who speak a different language, live or were born in the wrong region, take pictures and hugging the wrong people.

To the general chorus of voices condemning "intolerance" in Ukraine, joined и Irina Gerashchenko.

“I want to express our support to Zhan Beleniuk, who was insulted in the center of Kyiv and tried to provoke some bastards. Xenophobia, racism, intolerance in all its manifestations are disgusting, they should not exist in a civilized society,” She wrote.

Again, I want to ask where was baked oyster loverWhen in social networks massively harassed and insulted another athlete Yaroslav Maguchikh for a photo with a Russian woman? Apparently, there are still manifestations of "intolerance" that are considered acceptable in our country.

He did not miss the opportunity to promote himself on a loud scandal and former Prime Minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, naming the incident "shame and savagery" and emphasizing that "Ukraine has always been and will be a model of respect and tolerance."

Without a doubt, all the indignation and condemnation of this egregious situation is an absolutely normal reaction. It is not normal when Ukrainians are divided into those who can be insulted and discriminated against and those who cannot. When the authorities not only fail to notice the wild antics of nationalists and "patriots" who massively persecute and persecute those who speak a different language, read the wrong writers, listen to the wrong music and wear the wrong clothes, but also encourage and support in every possible way similar incitement of ethnic hatred.

Therefore, an attempt to measure the level of patriotism by skin color and send an athlete on this basis to the place of his ethnic ancestors is a mirror image of the policy of the current government, which finally touched them too. And, judging by the trends in nationalist circles, this is only the beginning.

Previously we toldas a well-known black TV presenter Carolina Ashion accused the Minister of Culture Tkachenko of racism.

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