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23 September 2022 15: 15
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The free carrying of firearms is questionable, but everyone may be allowed to use traumatic weapons

The issue of free possession of weapons in Ukraine is still under discussion.

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The free carrying of firearms is questionable, but everyone may be allowed to use traumatic weapons

In Ukraine, bills are currently under consideration that could allow Ukrainians to use weapons for self-defense. About it рассказал in the column of the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Bohdan Drapyaty.

So, literally a day before the start of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada in the first reading adopted the bill № 5708 "On the circulation of civilian firearms", and a related bill № 5709 on amendments to the Criminal Code of Ukraine and the Code of Administrative Offenses.

During the war, Ukrainians were given weapons

Now military The legislation provides that civilians during martial law may receive firearms and ammunition to repel and deter the military aggression of the Russian Federation or other states. At the same time, citizens are obliged to return the received weapons within ten days after the termination or cancellation of martial law. Also, civilians are not responsible for the use of these weapons against persons carrying out armed aggression against Ukraine.

The fact of issuing weapons to the population was provided to the Ukrainian authorities enough time to fully analyze the consequences of the decision. According to Drapyaty, this decision turned out to be correct and timely. However, already now the state authorities have begun to work out preventive legal mechanisms for to prevent the illegal use of weapons and to combat a possible increase in the level of crime.

To this end, mechanisms are now being developed to control firearms and establish a clear procedure for the abolition of ownership of weapons, in particular, trophy weapons acquired in battle. This is one of the key changes that are proposed to be made to the draft law No. 5708.

The population is not particularly happy with the free wearing of short barrels

The government studied public opinion on the topic of free circulation and carrying pistols. So, according to the poll of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, conducted through "Diya", out of 1,7 million voters:

  • 59% were in favor of having pistols for all citizens who adhere to the requirements of the law, and that they could freely carry this type of weapon in public places;
  • 22% are categorically against the circulation of pistols among the civilian population;
  • 19% - for the fact that all citizens adhering to the law have pistols, but that they can only be used in shooting ranges or shooting ranges, and that it is forbidden to carry them with you.

Based on this survey, the Ministry of Reintegration proposed giving citizens the right to purchase pistols, keep them at home and use them to protect themselves and loved ones, as well as at shooting ranges, but without the right to carry them in peacetime.

The issue can be solved with the help of injuries

They want to take a completely different approach with respect to traumatic firearms that use rubber bullets. To date, the right to this type of weapon has a limited range of subjects: police officers, persons dismissed from police service, former police officers, court employees, law enforcement officials, people's deputies, military personnel, individual civil servants, journalists, etc. And the Ministry of Internal Affairs proposes to provide such a right, if there are appropriate grounds, to all civilians.

This is explained by the fact that traumatic weapons are quite enough for effective civilian self-defense.

So, firearms are extremely rarely used even by law enforcement officers themselves, who have such a need much more often than ordinary citizens. For example, the police use firearms only when absolutely necessary to maintain law and order, free hostages, detain organized criminal groups, etc. For example, in 2021, the police used service firearms only 38 times, in 2020 - 44 times. Firearms in peacetime are rarely used for the purpose of self-defense, because in this case it is very easy to accidentally exceed the boundaries of necessary defense.

Rђ RІRѕS, traumatic pistol, which is actually an analogue of a rubber baton, does not pose such a high threat to human life, as combat, and therefore even its illegal use carries a significantly lower risk of injury or death.

In this regard, the Ministry of Internal Affairs proposed in bill No. 5708 to move away from the term “civilian weapons” and increase liability for violating the law in this area. In addition, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the police are already actively working to ensure the functioning of the Unified State Register of Weapons.

Drapyaty also recalled that Ukraine is now actually the only state in Europe where there is no special law that would regulate the circulation of civilian firearms. In addition, according to him, in Ukraine, the circulation of weapons has already been legalized for a long time, since citizens of Ukraine, under the normatively designated grounds, can obtain a special permit for the right to own firearms.

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