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04 March 2021 16: 03
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The judges of the Constitutional Court argued who should sit in Tupitsky's chair. Video

Everything was limited to a verbal skirmish.

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The judges of the Constitutional Court argued who should sit in Tupitsky's chair. Video

Today, March 4, during a meeting of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, people in robes argued about who should sit in the chair of the still formal head of the Constitutional Court Alexander Tupitsky.

The incident occurred during the consideration of the claim of the Commissioner for Human Rights Lyudmila Denisova regarding certain provisions of Ukrainian medical legislation.

When the judges entered the hall, Tupitsky's place was taken by his deputy Sergei Golovaty.

This angered his colleague Alexandra Litvinova, who reminded Golovaty that no one changed the seating arrangement for judges in the courtroom of the Constitutional Court.

Golovaty, in turn, ignored Litvinov's remark and continued the meeting.

Recall that the reason for the scandal surrounding the personality of Alexander Tupitsky was the decision of the Constitutional Court to block access to electronic declarations of judges.

On December 29, Vladimir Zelensky signed a decree removing Tupitsky from the post of head of the Constitutional Court, after which a serious information attack began on him. In particular, many mediadunked Tupitsky's vacation in the UAE. 19 January employees of the State Guard did not let Tupitsky to work.

Head of the KSU twice tried to appeal his removal from office.

But on February 3, the Supreme Court refused to open proceedings, since the claim was not subject to consideration under the rules of administrative proceedings, and on February 26, the Cassation Court of the Supreme Court refused to consider the second appeal for suspension due to the expiration of the appeal period.

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