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21 February 2022 15: 48
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Stefanchuk said that Ukraine will not comply with the Minsk agreements "in the Russian interpretation" and started talking about martial law

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Stefanchuk said that Ukraine will not comply with the Minsk agreements in the Russian interpretation and started talking about martial law

Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk made a statement on the Minsk agreements today briefing. He believes that Russia is forcing Ukraine to fulfill them in a format that is beneficial to the Kremlin. Kyiv, he said, is not going to make such concessions.

“Ukraine will not follow the Russian interpretation of the Minsk agreements. We can say that the security component is first and foremost important for us. After it is secured, we can discuss everything else. Until the Russian Federation fulfills its obligations to ensure the security component of the Minsk agreements Moreover, she is doing everything possible to get out of the Minsk agreements at the same time forcing us to implement them in the interpretation that is beneficial to her, "- Stefanchuk said at the briefing.

After the speaker's speech, the leader of the Batkivshchyna party took the floor Yulia Tymoshenko. She stated that there is no "Ukrainian" and "Russian" interpretation of the Minsk agreements, that they are quite unambiguous and that the parliament should prescribe a clear sequence of actions to restore peace in the country.

"There is no need to lie here and deceive anyone!", - says Yulia Vladimirovna Stefanchuk.

In addition, the head of the Rada says that martial law may be introduced in Ukraine. In order not to provoke panic, we note that it is too early to talk about this. Stefanchuk said that such a possibility is being considered, but one should still count on resolving problems through diplomacy.

"This should be preceded by a presidential decree, which will be considered and approved in the Verkhovna Rada. But I really hope that we will not get to that, because Ukraine has never been a supporter of resolving the issue by any military means, but exclusively by political and diplomatic means," - he claims.

We previously reported what is happening in the Donbass today and what are the consequences of shelling.

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