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13 January 2021 17: 16

"Servants of the people" want to legalize euthanasia and cancel the Economic Code. Why is this not suitable for Ukraine?

Stefanchuk was inspired by the example of Switzerland, where it is permissible to assist with suicide

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Servants of the people want to legalize euthanasia and cancel the Economic Code. Why is this not suitable for Ukraine?

Ruslan Stefanchuk from the Servant of the People together with colleagues Anatoly Dovgert and Natalia Kuznetsova decided to write a concept for updating the Civil Code of Ukraine. Earlier fragments of the project published "Judicial-legal newspaper".

Note that the document contains many interesting points, one of which is the legalization of euthanasia, as well as suicide by proxy (assisted suicide).

The concept of updating the Civil Code of Ukraine

Source: sud.ua

Suddenly, Stefanchuk, along with Kuznetsova, propose to consider a topic that is taboo in Ukraine.

- It is proposed to reconsider the issue of the possibility of legalizing passive euthanasia and assisted suicide, taking into account the practice of the ECHR, with the parallel introduction of appropriate amendments to the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the authors explain.

Yes, they cite as an example the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights Pretty v. The United Kingdom, No 2346/02, 29.04.2002/31322/07; Haas v. Switzerland, No 20.01.2011/46043, 14/05.06.2014/XNUMX, Lambert and Others v. France, No XNUMX/XNUMX, XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX.

Stefanchuk was inspired by the example of Switzerland, where it is permissible to assist with suicide, because there euthanasia takes place under the supervision of specialists. But this is Switzerland, and we live in Ukraine. Let's figure it out.

It turns out that changes will be made to the criminal code that will allow those who helped someone to commit suicide to be released from jail. Is it that now our "favorite" criminals-politicians will be able to deal with their opponents with impunity? They will also be able to blame the gun in hand on the "suicidal man" who begged to be killed.

Yes, some people are seriously ill, some cannot move independently or take care of themselves. Often their life is like hell, so they deserve the right to choose. The life of every person is a right, not a duty, but let's think soberly. We live in Ukraine. Not everyone follows the law here. There is corruption and contract killings here. Our state still resembles the 90s. What kind of euthanasia are we talking about?

Look at the list of countries where "good death" (from the Greek euthanasia) is allowed: Holland, Belgium, France, Canada, Switzerland, Israel and even some US states. These states are united by a high standard of living and a low threshold of corruption, so there is no point in emulating them in this regard.

Cancellation of the Commercial Code

"Servants of the people" prepared a surprise not only with euthanasia, but also with the abolition of the Economic Code. At the same time, they want to keep the effect of the Civil Code.

According to the draft, this is proposed to be done to harmonize legislation. However, most likely, in this way they are preparing for a massive redistribution of other people's property. The Economic Code provides for the possibility of canceling unfair transactions made by business entities.

A good example was given in telegram lawyer Rinat Kuzmin highlighted:

- If the director of a state-owned enterprise illegally sells this same enterprise to his relatives at a lower cost, then the prosecutor can file a lawsuit to terminate such a transaction and return the property to the state within the statute of limitations.

Thus, members of the presidential faction will cancel the right of the state to protect the interests of its citizens, as well as the statute of limitations.

- Ukraine expects a massive redistribution of property in the interests of foreign swindlers, domestic oligarchs and crooks - government officials representing the Servants of the People. They are preparing Ukraine and its population for complete plunder and subsequent destruction, Kuzmin added.

Perhaps we should not be so dramatic and call it the “Nazi plan Ost”, as the Ukrainian lawyer did. However, we do not recommend believing everything that is said in the Servant of the People.

Formerly the Verkhovna Rada опубликовала bill No. 4553 on the website marijuana legalization.

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