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15 January 2023 15: 39

The word is not a sparrow: what Arestovich said yesterday, and how it all looks against the backdrop of the tragedy in the Dnieper

On the eve of Ukraine was subjected to another massive missile attack. The biggest disaster happened in the Dnieper, where one of the rockets hit an apartment building, completely destroying one entrance.

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The word is not a sparrow: what Arestovich said yesterday, and how it all looks against the backdrop of the tragedy in the Dnieper

Mid-afternoon January 15 known about 21 dead and more than 70 wounded.

But the previous evening, the tragedy began to grow into a scandal when Aleksey Arestovich, Advisor to the Head of the President's Office announced on air Feiginthat the Russian missile was first shot down by the Ukrainian air defense system, and only then did it fall on a residential building. Here is the dialogue that took place in this program:

- Well, that is, there was no opportunity to shoot down this missile in the Dnieper, there was no good opportunity? - Feigin starts.
- No, she was shot down. She fell on the porch - counters unexpectedly Arestovich.
- She fell on the porch ..., - Feigin repeats bewilderedly.
- Yes. She exploded when she fell confirmed again Arestovich.

And these 5 seconds from Arestovich caused a burning "zrada" in all circles and publics of Ukraine, and vice versa, a giant “overcome” on all z-sites of the Russian Federation.

Arestovich then, of course, made an excuse post on Facebook, where the obvious thesis came through - if Russia had not shelled the Dnieper at all, then the people in that house would not have died b. But what is characteristic, and in his letter of acquittal, he again does not refute that it was the air defense of Ukraine that shot down this missile.

Arestovich immediately began to be hated in the Ukrainian media. Connected and Mayor of Dnipro Boris Filatoa.

“From the first day of the war, I said that Arestovich is a narcissistic cattle and a garbage mouth. But in the OP, someone is clearly betting on him. Sorry I couldn't resist but SBU and counterintelligence are obliged to respond».

And late at night, a statement was issued by the Command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which refuted all the words Arestovich. On the one hand, the command confirmed that it was the Kh-22 missile. And then the quote:

“In the Armed Forces of Ukraine there are no weapons capable of shooting down this type of missiles. Since the beginning of Russia's military aggression on the territory of Ukraine, more than 210 missiles of this type have been fired. Not a single one was shot down by air defense means ".

But, as it turned out, according to earlier reports of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, such missiles were shot down. For example, in the official Tg channel Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Zaluzhny in a post dated December 16, 2022, it is reported that 60 cruise missiles were shot down that day - Kh-101, Kh-22 and Kalibr. That is exactly one month ago. missiles of this type were still shot down, and in January - not a single one for the entire war.

Today I tried to explain this inconsistency Air Force speaker Yuri Ignat, saying that the data provided by official resources are generally reliable, but “the fact remains: several erroneous posts yet it was"

“Let me explain to make it clear. There have been several such publications. Let's say, the fighters found the wreckage of the X-22 in the field (and sometimes not even the X-22, but the wreckage of another missile), they report upstairs: we shot down the X-22! Everybody want to race to inform about it first on their resources. Not checking, not coordinating, and so on. The important thing is to be first."

He wrote a new post on Facebook, in which he explained that the version he voiced on the air was "prompted" to him by an acquaintance, a former air defense officer from the Dnieper. And in fact, it was only Arestovich's assumption, and not a statement (Yesterday nobody thought so, by the way). In general, Alexey was very tired, and the viewer (if not a fool) gotta figure it all out.

"My friend, a former air defense officer, was walking down the street at the time of the hit. He told me that he heard two explosions at 100% and identified the first one as air defense work. Until now, he was not mistaken. And he was sure that the missile was shot down. The message should would sound like this:

- There is a version that shot down an air defense missile. There are some signs in her favor. There is another version - a direct hit on the house.

And then - this and that, but they were distracted, but they went along a different line, this is a live broadcast. If I was even a little bit in shape, I would stretch the line", — wrote the adviser to the OP.

What do we end up with in this story? Against the backdrop of a bloody tragedy, it turned out extremely ugly. Lies or Arestovich, or other representatives of the Office of the President. At the same time, the command of the Armed Forces enters into a hard illogical clinch with their earlier statements. And all these are official representatives of the Ukrainian authorities. And now the question that hovers among Ukrainians, and Who can be trusted in this case?

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