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09 September 2022 15: 30
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Save up a pension from a young age: Ukrainians will have the opportunity to start taking care of old age from the age of 16

Moreover, it will be possible to accumulate a pension not only for yourself, but also for your relative, if there is money.

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Save up a pension from a young age: Ukrainians will have the opportunity to start taking care of old age from the age of 16

Ukrainians will not only be able voluntarily pay contributions to the Pension Fund for future retirement 16 years, and to bring pension contributions for relatives. The relevant bill was adopted by the Parliament in the first reading. сообщили in Servant of the People.

For myself and "for that guy"

Given the general digitalization, according to the initiator of the bill, a deputy from the SN Lesia Zaburanna, the pension insurance contract can be submitted through Diya or through the WPU e-services web portal.

“The agreement on the voluntary payment of insurance premiums for compulsory state pension insurance can be concluded electronically through the Diya Portal, using the Diya mobile application or the web portal of electronic services of the Pension Fund of Ukraine. In addition, a person has the right to independently determine the amount of insurance premiums, the frequency and timing of their payment. Zaburannaya said.

If the deputies approve the bill as a whole, then it will be possible to pay pension contributions not only for themselves, personalized A charitable contribution can also be made for a certain pensioner, and both individuals and legal entities will have such an opportunity.

“70% of such a contribution is directed to pay this pensioner in the way chosen by him, provided for by this Law for the payment of pensions. Impersonal charitable contributions and 30% personalized charitable contributions - funds of the Pension Fund", - Zaburannaya explained.

Funded pensions - when will the program start working

According to the pension reform 2003 years in Ukraine had to earn three levels of the pension system, yet 16 years ago. However, the second pillar of the pension system is mandatory pension savings – has not yet been fully implemented.

Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine February 1 this year initiated the introduction funded pensions at state enterprises, the state share of statutory funds on which more than 50%.

At the end of July Ministry of Social Policy stated that it plans to return to the issue of introducing the second pillar of the pension system in Ukraine, in particular that innovations are being prepared about the accumulation of pensions.

Earlier this week in the Verkhovna Rada registered Bill to treasury pension plan. According to which, the voluntary funded system will allow people to make additional individual retirement savings for old age through the treasury, reports.

Only an individual who, as of the date of conclusion of the contract, has not reached the age of 65, will be able to participate in the new plan.

The amount of the funded contribution is determined by the payer of the funded contribution and is unlimited. The funded contribution is paid into an individual treasury pension account.

It is planned that the registration of participants in the treasury pension plan will be carried out by the Ministry of Digital Development. Asset management will be carried out by the Treasury.

The initiators of the project assume that from January 1, 2023, Ukrainians will have the opportunity to form voluntary personal pension savings.

We previously told in which case a Ukrainian can be deprived of pension payments и how to resume receiving pensions after returning to the territory controlled by Ukraine.

In addition, we wrote about when to apply for a pensionto get more money and oh rules for accruing pensions to Ukrainians abroad, as well as, in which case unemployed Ukrainians will be able to retire early.

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