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April 30 2021 08: 57
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Scandalous Farion called Prytula "cattle" and "Pinchuk's clown": what's wrong with the 57-year-old ex-deputy

The ex-people's deputy often allows himself harsh statements towards politicians, journalists and ordinary citizens

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Scandalous Farion called Pritula cattle and Pinchuk's clown: what's wrong with the 57-year-old ex-deputy

Yesterday, April 29, another scandal broke out between politicians on the network. Former people's deputy Irina Fahrion left on Facebook page showman from "Voice" Sergei Prytula offensive comment. Later, the message disappeared, but the screen remained on the network.

In social networks, Prytula wrote a post about the 10th global assembly of the world movement for democracy. The host of humorous shows acted there as a moderator of the discussion. Apparently, Farion didn’t like something, and she left a rude comment under the post, calling Prytula a “cattle” and a “Pinchuk clown.” The showman quickly responded to the words of the compatriot and expressed the hope that her account had been hacked.

- Another clown Pinchuk ... redneck.

- Good evening, Mrs. Irina. I hope someone hacked into your account and it wasn't you who wrote it.

Scandalous Farion called Pritula cattle and Pinchuk's clown: what's wrong with the 57-year-old ex-deputy - photo 1

It is noteworthy that it was on April 29 that Farion celebrated her birthday, she turned 57 years old.

In itself, she is a very scandalous person. The ex-people's deputy often allows himself harsh statements in the direction of politicians, journalists and ordinary citizens. So, in August 2020, Farion made a tough appeal to Russian-speaking Ukrainians.

On the air of Channel 4, she stated that Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine should leave the country. According to her, the term "Russian-speaking population" is a household stamp, which is used in relation to "whiners and outcasts."

- Their historical homeland is Muscovy. I want them to be comfortable there. We packed our belongings - and we went there, Farion said sharply.

The ex-people's deputy stressed that every resident of Ukraine who speaks Russian is a trophy Russian President Vladimir Putin.

- They shoot us with their tongue, - she added.

About 9 years ago, on her initiative, a minibus driver was fired in Lviv, who refused to turn off the Russian-language radio at her request.

She also caused rude statements in her direction by supporting murder of writer Oles Buzina, as well as the Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov.

Moreover, in her social networks two years ago Farion publicly wished death journalist Dmitry Gordon. Why? He admitted that he did not like the nationalist leader Stepan Bandera. The ex-people's deputy called him a "creature" and wished to "die in wild agony."

Her insults extended to President Volodymyr Zelensky. The politician called him "a bully", and the Ukrainians who wanted to vote for him - "morons".

Reading all of the above, we highly doubt that Farion's Facebook account was hacked. Judging by her turbulent past, Pritula got off with light insults.

Recall that in June 2020 it will also criticized Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for his words about Stepan Bandera.

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