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11 February 2021 19: 52
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Zelensky’s bar: “Servant of the people” nominated strongman Virastyuk for by-elections to the Rada

Of course, Vasya - who does not know him

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Zelensky’s bar: “Servant of the people” nominated strongman Virastyuk for by-elections to the Rada

"Servant of the People" has officially decided on the candidates for the by-elections to the Verkhovna Rada in the Rada: the 87th district in the Ivano-Frankivsk region will represent the presidential party Vasily Virastyuk.

The decision was made at today's party congress.

According to the deputy head of the pro-presidential faction in the Rada Evgeniya Kravchuk, they settled on the candidacy of Virastyuk, since the athlete is known not only as the strongest strongman in the world, but also as a person involved in the rehabilitation of war veterans. And now he plans to do it at the state level.

Recall that in 2019, the election in the 87th constituency was won by a large margin by the representative of the Servant of the People Zinoviy Andriyovich. But after he again won the election of the mayor of Nadvirna last year, he decided to give up his deputy mandate, thus leaving a vacant seat, for which the main political forces are now strenuously fighting.

It is not surprising that the presidential party could not decide on a candidate for the by-election for a long time, because they clearly do not want to lose the politically strategic region of western Ukraine, which the Servants of the People managed to “snatch” with great difficulty during the 2019 local elections.

The candidate had to be a XNUMX% passer, so they decided to act on the principle: "Of course, Vasya, who doesn't know him." But with all the creativity of the approach, the Servants of the People are unlikely to be able to “enter” the Rada on the powerful shoulders of a strongman.

Virastyuk himself said that a dirty political campaign was launched against him.

Which, however, is not surprising, because the rest of the political forces have no less interest in the 87th district, respectively, and the candidates to match.

Considering the fact that Petro Poroshenko continues to actively politically dig in Western Ukraine, it would be strange if his political force did not use this opportunity. That's why European Solidarity put forward candidacy of the odious national radical Marusya St. John's wort, which repeatedly threatened the incumbent president Ukraine by physical violence.

Immediately after this, the well-known freedom Irina Fahrion publishes text with unpleasant facts from the "military" life protégé of the ex-president. And given the fact that the candidate from the VO "Svoboda" Ruslan Koshulinsky not yet decided Should I run for parliamentary by-election?, which, according to him, should be dissolved, we can conclude that Svoboda in this scenario plays into the hands of the incumbent President.

The oligarch's party also proposed its candidate for a vacant deputy seat Igor Kolomoisky "For the future." They became not a stranger to Ivano-Frankivsk co-owner of the ski resort "Bukovel" Alexander Shevchenko.

He is so far the only one of all the above candidates who is officially registered on the site. CVK.

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