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13 July 2021 12: 45
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Sanctions against Medvedchuk were prepared in the summer of 2019 - Danilyuk

As soon as Zelensky came to power.

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Sanctions against Medvedchuk were prepared in the summer of 2019 - Danilyuk

From the very beginning, the Ukrainian authorities planned to deal with their political opponents in the person of Viktor Medvedchuk, as well as a number of his associates in the Opposition Platform for Life. About it said former head of the National Security and Defense Council Alexander Danylyuk in the commentary of RBC-Ukraine.

So, this morning, the aforementioned resource published a large article on the current Secretary of the Security Council Alexey Danilov. It is dedicated to his personality, relations with the authorities, as well as the whole mechanism of sanctions, through which the Office of the President has been regularly operating for six months now, making decisions convenient for itself. Note that the material itself turned out to be quite complementary to the official. We do not assert, however, and do not exclude that the publication could be fully or partially custom-made.

The article tells about Danilov's past, how he met Zelensky and joined the power team. Separately, it is said that it was the current Secretary of the Security Council who proposed to the Office of the President a simple and effective (albeit doubtful from the point of view of legality - but when and when did it stop?) decision on how to deal with political and other opponents. Everything ingenious is simple: the sanctions of the National Security and Defense Council. RBC calls Danilov the architect of this system and the author of this idea.

But as for the “Medvedchuk case” and the “Opposition Platform”, the “greens” had plans to eliminate political and, it must be understood, business competitors as part of the “cleansing of the Kremlin’s fifth column” for a long time. Or rather, from the very beginning of the cadence. Already in June 2019, when Zelensky became president for only a few weeks, options for closing opposition TV channels were already discussed (which at that time were absolutely not oppositional and helped the incumbent president to come to power at the time, systematically criticizing Poroshenko).

“We have been preparing on the Medvedchuk-Kozak TV channels since June 2019, then there were several options for what could be done. Including personal sanctions for financing terrorism. As for other personal sanctions, including sanctions against smugglers, they were already being prepared without me.”, Danilyuk said in a comment to reporters.

That is, as we can see, Zelensky’s team had plans to “break” opponents and political opponents from the very beginning. Which does not really fit with the talk about democracy and with the words of the head of state himself, who at the start of his term said that he would never close any media.

Previously we wrote about the ongoing trials of Medvedchuk.

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