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13 October 2022 18: 00
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The most difficult heating season in the history of Ukraine: how should residents of apartments and private houses prepare for it?

Simple tips to help you deal with difficult situations.

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The most difficult heating season in the history of Ukraine: how should residents of apartments and private houses prepare for it?

The heating season 2022-2023 has already turned out to be the most difficult in the history of Ukraine due to the war, the energy crisis caused by it, as well as massive Russian shelling of Ukraine's energy infrastructure.

In this regard, the country have established the new temperature minimum for the premises is 16 degrees Celsius, and the average is 18 degrees. Such measures are caused by the need to save coal and gas and their possible shortage in case of severe cold.

In this regard, we tell you what needs to be done to prepare for the winter in a war.

If you live in an apartment

1. Ukrainians living in apartments need to reduce room heat loss. If the windows are wooden and there is a material opportunity to replace them, replace them; if not, seal all the cracks. If you have metal-plastic windows installed, you need to carry out preventive maintenance of fasteners and check the condition of the seals and, if necessary, replace them.

The same applies to interior doors - if possible, make sure that they close tightly: drafts should not be allowed.

2. Necessary prepare for the cold weather: remove furniture, curtains from them, remove decorative panels that can overlap the links, and also stick foil on the wall behind the battery to reflect heat.

3. Definitely worth it check the condition of the electrical wiring and the serviceability of electric heaters and air conditioning, If there are any. If you have autonomous heating, carry out preventive diagnostics and maintenance if necessary.

4. Stands with neighbors prepare for winter and common areas in an apartment building: seal windows and doors in the entrance, and also make sure that the doors to the entrance close tightly. In addition, it is worth checking the condition of communications in the basements and insulating pipelines.

If you live in a private house

1. In a private house, the main thing is also - reduce heat loss. In this case, the recommendations for windows, doors and batteries are similar.

2. Need to check readiness of your heating system. Perhaps it is worth taking care of alternative sources of heat: it can be a stove, a solid fuel tunic, a generator, in the presence of which it is necessary to stock up on fuel for future use.

3. In case of emergencies, it is necessary to determine in the house room for heating.

Also, residents of both private and multi-apartment buildings can discuss with friends, acquaintances and neighbors general actions in case of emergencies.

Previously, we wrote that Mayor of Lviv urged residents to stock up on potbelly stovesand told how to recover documents if they are lost or destroyed due to war.

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