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30 November 2022 20: 00
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The most severe winter in history will come tomorrow: weather forecasters warn of black ice and frost

The calendar winter, as well as the last month of autumn, is not going to please with warm weather, but I wanted to.

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The most severe winter in history will come tomorrow: weather forecasters warn of black ice and frost

Well, tomorrow is December 1, which means that the worst winter in the history of the country, with which officials have been scaring Ukrainians since the summer. At least the calendar winter will come, because the weather, unfortunately, showed its snowy and frosty "teeth" a little earlier and at the most inopportune moment for Ukraine.

As for the first day of the calendar winter, then according to communication Forecasters, it will fully correspond to the season. Despite the fact that no special snowfalls are expected on December 1, weather forecasters warn of snow with rain and ice, and the air temperature will drop in some places. up to 15 degrees below zero.

A gradual change in air mass to a colder, Arctic origin became noticeable at the beginning of this week, and tomorrow it will be cloudy in general in Ukraine with clearings. In the western and northern regions, icy conditions are possible in places on the roads.

In most areas of the northern part, the temperature at night is 6-11° below zero, in Kyiv, Vinnitsa and Zhytomyr regions in places 14-16°, in the daytime 0-5° below zero. In the rest of the territory, 1-6° frost at night, from 2° frost to 3° warm in the daytime. In Crimea, 7-12 heat is expected.

East wind, 5-10 m/s, gusts of 15-20 m/s are possible in some places in the east of Ukraine.

As for the entire first month of winter, December in Ukraine is expected with slight frosts and an abundance of rain and sleet. Such a prediction in the comments TSN.ua gave the people's forecaster Stanislav Shchedrin.

According to him, the first decade of December will be with slight frosts ranging from -2° to -14° at night and -5...+2° during the day.

"In exceptional days, light and moderate snow will come, in the south with rain, but already the second and first half of the third decade of December should be relatively warm - almost throughout the country the temperature will range from -1 ° to + 6 ° at night and up to +4...+8° during the day", says the forecaster.

Also, according to the people's weather forecaster, a lot of precipitation in the form of rain and sleet is expected in Ukraine in December.

"Closer to the New Year, the temperature may drop somewhat, but not much - somewhere to +2...-4° at night and up to +3...-3° during the day, sleet is possible," Shchedrin added.

The Ukrhydrometeorological center predicts that the average monthly temperature and precipitation in December will be within the climatic norm. Only in western, Zhytomyr, Kyiv and Vinnitsa areas will be 1-1,5 degrees warmer than normal.

True, back in October at the Ukrhydrometeorological center promised, what sima 2022-2023 in Ukraine will be on average warmer than the previous ones and that long periods of low temperatures are unlikely.

In particular, the average temperature of the winter period from December to February expected to be 1-2 degrees above normal. The probability of long periods of cold weather with a minimum temperature of -25... -30 degrees in Ukraine is very low.

At the same time, short-term significant cold snaps lasting 1-5 days are possible, when the minimum temperature at night will be -15 ... -20 degrees, in the north-east of the country up to -26 degrees.

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