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13 October 2022 13: 16
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Sadovoy urged to stock up on potbelly stoves, Getmantsev is proud of the people standing in line for candles, and the government told when heating will be provided

Winter for Ukraine may be even more difficult because of the shelling of energy infrastructure.

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Sadovoy urged to stock up on potbelly stoves, Getmantsev is proud of the people standing in line for candles, and the government told when heating will be provided

Ukraine, despite the fact that about 30% of its energy infrastructure has been damaged or destroyed by Russian shelling, is gradually restoring power supply and preparing for the most difficult heating season.

What's with the light?

Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal said that light turned out to be returned to almost 4 thousand settlements - and the Ukrainian energy system in this regard is functioning normally, there is no capacity shortage.

To achieve this result, the state has already purchased the necessary backup equipment and provides mobile power plants for socially important facilities in cities where there is still no electricity supply.

And in Ukrenergo сообщили that stabilized the power supply of Kyiv and the central regions of Ukraine. At the same time, Ukrainians are further asked to approach electricity consumption sparingly: turn off unnecessary electrical appliances in the morning and evening, when electricity consumption is the highest. This will reduce the load on the networks and facilitate the work of power engineers that renew them.

So far, schedules of emergency power cuts in Kharkiv, Sumy и Poltava regions.

In addition, more than 100 water supply facilities were damaged in the country.

“In eight regions of Ukraine, Russian missiles damaged more than a hundred water supply facilities. In Lviv, Sumy, Nikolaev, the infrastructure of water utilities also suffered and certain difficulties arose in connection with energy supply»- said the president of the association "Ukrvodokanalekologiya" Dmitry Novitsky.

Ukrainians urged to stock up on potbelly stoves

On words Mayor of Lviv Andrey Sadovy, although in Lviv there is light, the situation is on the brink, because everything works on backup power. Therefore, Lviv residents are urged to be as economical as possible.

At the same time, Sadovoy believes that such attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure can be repeated when the temperature is below zero, and in winter it will be much more difficult to survive their consequences.

“Do you understand that in winter we can be days or weeks without light, without heat, without water?”, - he said and thanked the Lviv residents who equipped heating points in their homes, stocked up on firewood, and bought generators.

“Heating points in homes are not ideal. But there you can put a banal stove, firewood - and this saves while the public utilities will correct the situation», - he said, and then called on people to get together and think about what they need to have in their homes on the eve of such a difficult winter.

Recall that in the Lviv region, 4 important electrical substations were put out of action, which will take months to repair.

Ukrainians buying candles - well done

Head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Tax Policy Daniil Getmantsev praised Ukrainians who decided to help the state in such a difficult period from an energy point of view and buy candles in order to save electricity, and also do not want to flee the country in such conditions.

“People who buy candles, disposable tableware and burners in huge queues inspire respect and even pride. It is incomparably better than Kyiv-Warsaw train tickets. The fire of these candles is the fire of our Victory!”- wrote he.

Heating will be at the end of October

Starting to connect the housing stock to heating in Ukraine this year may begin at the end of October. This was stated by the Minister of Communities and Territories Development during the telethon Alexei Chernyshev.

“In some regions (these are nine regions) the connection of social institutions to heat supply has already begun. First of all, these are medical institutions, maternity hospitals - where this needs to be done first. As for the housing stock, we plan to start heating supply in most regions and cities at the end of October.”, - he said.

Also, according to him, if in some regions the average daily temperature stays below 8 degrees Celsius for three days in a row before the specified period, heating will be turned on earlier.

But in general, the heating season in the country should start on time, without delays and changes - in accordance with the temperature regime.

We also wrote about Naftogaz plans to heat homes with heat made from biomassand told which students will be transferred to budget education at public expense.

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