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01 December 2022 11: 45
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The Russians partially withdraw troops from Oleshki and entered Kurdyumovka: military news in Ukraine on December 1

And the United States intends to train the Ukrainian military more thoroughly.

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The Russians partially withdraw troops from Oleshki and entered Kurdyumovka: military news in Ukraine on December 1

Today is the 281th day of the war.

In general, the number of attacks on Ukraine has decreased, and the attacks themselves are more likely to be localized closer to the front. The Russian Federation continues to conduct offensive operations in the Donetsk region.

This week passed in anticipation of a possible repeated shelling of Ukraine's energy infrastructure. It is assumed that currently in the international political backstage between the West and the Russian Federation, bidding is underway: Russia wants to discover the export of grain and ammonia, and Europe is not interested in a new wave of refugees from the cold from Ukraine. On the other hand, there is a possibility that Russia needs time to prepare and restore its combat potential.

However, regular statements that the shelling will be “tomorrow”, “soon”, etc., only leads to an increase in the nervousness of the society and an increase in the citation of people who talk about it, and therefore can be considered as a political technique and self-PR on such a sensitive for the population of the issue.

In this case, British intelligence believes that Russia's strategy to destroy Ukraine's critical infrastructure is not as effective as might have been expected at the start of the war. In addition, the British write that the Russian Federation has spent a significant part of its usable missiles against tactical targets.

US wants to train Ukrainians more thoroughly

At the moment, the United States is considering a significant expansion of the training of the Ukrainian military at the American base in Germany. So, while we are talking about training 2500 people, for whom we intend to expand the types of training. If the program is adopted, the military will be trained in more complex combat tactics, including coordinating infantry and artillery maneuvers.

What and where was fired upon?

Over the past day, the Russians carried out 2 missile attacks on Ukraine - on civilian targets in Kamyshevakh, Zaporozhye region. Also, the Russian army launched 41 air strikes and 28 shelling from the MLRS.

Kherson continues to be subjected to regular shelling. The video shows one of these attacks, during which residential buildings are damaged. After these shellings, problems with electricity supply began in the city.

In the photo - the consequences of shelling that night Nikopol region, as a result of which residential buildings, a gas pipeline and a power line were damaged.

The Russians partially withdraw troops from Oleshki and entered Kurdyumovka: military news in Ukraine on December 1 - photo 1

What happens on the battlefield?

The Russians are concentrating their main efforts in conducting offensive operations on Bakhmut direction в Donetsk region... And on Avdeevsky direction Russian troops are trying to improve their tactical position by firing tanks and artillery at a number of objects in adjacent settlements. Fierce fighting continues for Maryinka.

Institute for the Study of War reports that Russian troops entered Kurdyumovka, which is located south of Bakhmut. Control over this settlement will allow the Russians to launch artillery strikes on Clockwork Yar и Konstantinovkabecause the village is at the top. At the same time, the Institute believes that Russian troops will not receive any special operational advantages if Bakhmut is taken.

Meanwhile, photos of fortifications of Russian troops in the area were published on the network. Vladimirovka, near Bakhmut.

The Russians partially withdraw troops from Oleshki and entered Kurdyumovka: military news in Ukraine on December 1 - photo 2

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine informs about reduction in the number of Russian military and equipment in Oleshki, and from separate settlements of the Kherson region, the Russians withdrew troops and dispersed them in forest belts along the Oleshki-Golaya Pristan highway. The bulk of these troops are mobilized.

The Russian side stated that such maneuvers are carried out as part of the dispersal of troops along the entire front due to the threat of the DRG of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Previously, we wrote that disagreements arise between the US, Europe and NATO countries over assistance to Ukraine, and published details of the explosion at the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid.

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