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03 October 2022 18: 00
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Schrödinger's Russian passport: SBU claims that Judge Lvov still has Russian citizenship

They have already tried to remove the chairman of the Supreme Court and the head of the Cassation Economic Court from office, he claims that pressure was exerted on the meeting of judges of the KHS.

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Schrödinger's Russian passport: SBU claims that Judge Lvov still has Russian citizenship

The epic with Russian citizenship of the Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian Supreme Court and the head of the Cassation Economic Court in its composition Bogdan Lvov continues. After journalists published an investigation, from which it followed that Lvov received a Russian passport more in 1999 year, and himself the judge denied this information and called the documents cited in the investigation fake, the fact that he had dual citizenship was confirmed by the Security Service of Ukraine. About it said press office of the Supreme Court.

In particular, the Supreme Court of Ukraine reported that today SBU informed the Armed Forces of Judge Lvov has the citizenship of the Russian Federation, referring to the data of the registers of the Russian Federation, but at the same time, the department noted that verification of this data is ongoing and its results will be reported later.

Almost lightning-fast reaction to this information was meeting of judges of the Cassation Economic Court in the Supreme Court, which considered the issue early removal of Lvov from office head of the Cassation Economic Court.


But the judges were not able to dismiss Bohdan Lvov, as reported by the Anti-Corruption Action Center, there were not enough votes.

Schrödinger's Russian passport: SBU claims that Judge Lvov still has Russian citizenship - photo 1

"Bogdan Lvov was not fired from the post of head of the CSC. Only the Cassation Economic Court of the Armed Forces determined its fate, finally putting an end to its reputation. It was a vote by which they self-determined themselves. And which cast a shadow over the entire Supreme Court", - reported in the CPC.

It is noted that 39 people out of 40 present took part in the voting. 21 people voted for the dismissal, but another vote was required for the decision, since the decision is considered adopted when the majority of employees vote, which is 43 people.

Bogdan Lvov stated that judges were pressured before voting and threatened with checks.

“A meeting of judges of the CCC SC made a very difficult decision, because each judge was offered a much easier way - “deprive, and everything will be fine with you”, if you don’t deprive, you will be assessed. prove that, nevertheless, the Supreme Court can not succumb to outside pressure, but remain precisely the Supreme Court", - said Lvov in comments sud.ua.

He also noted that he underwent two polygraph tests regarding his Russian citizenship.

"Two checks were passed. One check was carried out by the Association of Polygraph Examiners. And the second check was carried out in an authorized government agency and 100% not on my" order ". But the results of these checks, carried out according to different methods - both Ukrainian and American, on different equipment, they coincide. They prove that I was not involved in obtaining Russian citizenship and its passport", said the judge.

He also said that he was going to take a vacation, and hoped that during this time all the "i" would be dotted. And now, according to the law, it will be possible to return to the issue of early dismissal only after a year.

Recall that on September 16, at a government meeting, it was agreed Draft law on criminal liability for obtaining a Russian passport, according to which Ukrainian civil servants can receive up to 15 years in prison.

In addition, we previously described in detail - whether obtaining a Russian passport by Ukrainians falls under collaborationism.

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