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20 September 2021 11: 54
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Russia can launch aggression in southern Ukraine at any moment - Commander of JFO

True, there are no direct signs yet

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Russia can launch aggression in southern Ukraine at any moment - Commander of JFO

Commander of the Joint Forces (JFO) in Donbass Sergey Naev I am convinced that at any moment Russia can launch a large-scale aggression in the south of the country. True, so far the serviceman does not see direct signs of the preparation of hostilities. However, this can happen suddenly and spontaneously, said he is in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.

So, according to the officer, every day there are new threats from Russia. This time, the entire south of Ukraine may be under attack. Naev argues that the risks of a military escalation to the south are constantly increasing. However, at the moment there are no concrete signs and suspicions that a conflict will occur in the near future. However, this does not negate the fact that it can still happen, the officer stated somewhat contradictory.

“The experience of 2014 shows that Russia can not only escalate, but can also move to real hostilities in southern Ukraine… This can happen at any time convenient for the Russian leadership”- notes Naev.

Recently, the entire region has indeed become extremely militarized. After a certain lull in 2019-20, the spring and summer of 2021 have become unusually rich in numerous military exercises. This continues even now. So, for example, in the summer of the Russian Federation held large-scale training maneuvers throughout the entire territory of the Southern Military District (which de facto includes Crimea at the moment). And in the September joint with Belarus and other members of the CSTO exercises "West-2021" and at all up to 200 thousand military personnel took part, which, by the way, caused serious concerns among the commander of the JFO. However, as we can see, so far everything has ended normally.

Why, according to Naev, the Russian Federation can intensify hostilities in the southern direction - which in itself is theoretically possible? The soldier's answer is simple: "Crimean Platform". Allegedly due to the fact that Ukraine has created an “effective platform” for the de-occupation of Crimea, Russia can take extreme measures and start aggression in the south. True, no one has yet understood how another international “talking shop” on the topic of Crimea can really help return the peninsula - but these are, as they say, details.

Previously, we wrote about British director, who for some reason decided that Odessa is part of the Russian Federation.

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