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28 December 2022 19: 48

Rating of public figures who got everyone in 2022

These are people whose personality trait is narcissism.

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Rating of public figures who got everyone in 2022

In 2022, there were a number of public figures-narcissists who were very tired of everyone with their presence in the media, and some even got tired of it. In this regard, Politico has compiled ranking such persons.

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Over the last decade or so, a mixture of self-aggrandizement and self-confident charm has served some people in extraordinary ways, turning them into venture capital darlings, licensed goods moguls, Forbes cover models, social media superstars, business conference speakers, and more. In one case, such a person even became the president of the country.

Elon Musk, Sam Bankman-Fried, Ye (born Kanye West) Elizabeth Holmes, Meghan Markle, Donald Trump: They all used attention as currency and ego as fuel, and for a time were rewarded with what they craved. And ordinary people are drawn to people who love themselves.

Prince Harry и Megan Markle tired of everyone because they starred in a Netflix documentary series, in which they talked not so much about interesting facts from the life of the royal family, but about their own grievances. And the complaints are wedged in between the glamor shots, from shots of Meghan trying on ball gowns to the vast collection of flattering photos and videos they took during their exit from the royal family, apparently in preparation for the photogenic revelation.

black rapper Kanye West he is remembered for his constant need for attention, which evolved from lunging at award ceremonies to wearing "White Lives Matter" T-shirts and making anti-Semitic comments on podcasts in the style of "Hitler is a good guy." Due to his antics, he lost a lucrative contract with Adidas.

Elizabeth Holmes created a myth around herself that her company Theranos allegedly developed innovative equipment for blood tests. At the same time, she hid from consumers and investors that her technology did not work. She was convicted of fraud and sentenced to 11 years in prison.

Sam Bankman-Fried, who was admired in the media as a cryptocurrency genius, was indicted in December for money laundering and fraud.

Ilon Mask this year lost the status of the richest man in the world. Musk has always been a fickle public figure, but his leadership of SpaceX and Tesla gave him an aura of super-competence. He then took control of Twitter, firing staff and causing fights as his brand and business suffered. In December, Tesla shares fell nearly 30%, and Musk went from role model to popular punching bag.

Nearly all candidates proposed Donald Trump in the midterm elections, they did not pass - and he lost the right to be called a strong political leader. If Trump is no longer invincible, his allies of convenience will finally have a reason to ignore him. And for Trump, there is nothing worse than being ignored.

The more flattery these people received in the media, the more dramatic their downfall turned out to be.

Politico notes that narcissism can be a clinical diagnosis, but sociologists define it as personality trait. This comes across on a spectrum: We all have some degree of self-love, which likely explains our behavior on Facebook and Instagram. But the people who are professors of political science at Ripon College John P. Harden calls "grand narcissists" and "charismatic attention-eaters", stand apart. They believe they are the best in the business. They go to great lengths to protect themselves and their egos. They strive to be unique and advertise themselves vigorously.

Harden says that the need to constantly raise the stakes, to get more attention, even if it's self-destructive, is part of the narcissist's nature. “These people have this hyperactivity, this constant need to do something… filtered through this inflated self-image.”, he said, adding that such people attract attention to themselves, and when attention weakens, they try to attract it again.

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