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02 August 2022 19: 45
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Employers will be encouraged to hire "perpetual unemployed"

The state wants to get the long-term unemployed off its "neck" by paying compensation to the employer for employment.

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Employers will be encouraged to hire the permanent unemployed
The Verkhovna Rada adopted as a basis a draft law on amendments to certain legislative acts regarding the reform of the employment service. About this in Telegram MP said Yaroslav Zheleznyak.

“Finally, they adopted as a basis bill No. 6067 on facilitating the employment of long-term unemployed by providing compensation to employers for the costs of a single contribution for compulsory state social insurance. "For" - 244 "- he wrote.

The bill proposes to replace the inefficient mechanism employment quotas, namely to enter compensation to employers part of the cost of wages or a single contribution to the obligatory state social insurance for the employment of certain categories of registered unemployed, in particular young people.

The bill also proposes promote employment long-term unemployed by providing compensation to employers expenses of a single contribution for obligatory state social insurance, introduce the provision financial assistance to start a business.

Financial assistance will also be provided to start a business. The procedure for providing such assistance, its maximum amount and return must be approved by Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

In addition, it is planned to change approaches to conditions, duration and amount of benefits on unemployment, in particular, it is planned strengthen insurance principles (the longer the insurance period - the greater the amount of unemployment benefits) and weaken sanctions for dismissal from the last place of work of their own free will without good reason;

Also, when choosing suitable job for the unemployed will be taken into account, including Transport accessibility и salary depending on the duration of unemployment.

It is worth noting. that this bill was registered with the Verkhovna Rada on September 16, 2021. And as of the end of July of this year, number of officially registered unemployed in Ukraine amounted to 301 thousand people, and all vacancies 22 thousand.

At the same time, the state has already paid more than 37,3 million hryvnia wage compensation for internally displaced persons.

Recall that the Cabinet decided engage in community service unemployed, who within 30 days will not find the right vacancies.

Earlier, we wrote in detail about how you can get help for partial unemployment.

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