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30 November 2021 13: 20
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An employee of the Nikopol Museum had her hip broken because she did not want to be vaccinated. Why are people freaking out amid the pandemic?

This is not the first and probably not the last case of assault due to the coronavirus.

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An employee of the Nikopol Museum had her hip broken because she did not want to be vaccinated. Why are people freaking out amid the pandemic?

A new sign has been found, according to which the society is divided. Between those vaccinated against coronavirus and anti-vaccinators go such warsthat intergender, interracial and interethnic conflicts are resting. In Nikopol, for example, a graphic designer received a fracture from a colleague due to her unwillingness to be vaccinated, broadcasts "Visit Venal". Here are the workers of culture!

61-year-old Nadezhda Fedorenko claims to be unable to receive a drug for COVID-19 due to health conditions. She tried to prove this to the chairman of the trade union of the Nikopol Museum of Local Lore. The conversation ended in a fight, during which Fedorenko's femoral neck was broken.

The woman was hospitalized, and local activists rose to her defense. They gathered near the Nikopol district police department and ensured that a criminal case was opened against the attacker under Part 1 of Article 122 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (Intentional bodily harm of moderate severity). The director of the museum does not comment on the situation, however, it is known that each employee must have a COVID-certificate. Otherwise, the establishment may be closed. Dismissing hands is, of course, not an option, but, according to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers, Fedorenko does not yet have the right to work.

New difficulties and restrictions

The nervous state of the citizens is understandable. Every day the press scares with new news about the coronavirus. The other day, for example, we discovered new strain - "omicron". It hasn't really been researched yet, but the WHO is already calling for emergency meetings, the stock markets are crashing, the UK is introducing mandatory booster shots every three months, and Moderna's vaccine makers are suggesting that the drugs will have to be modified.

In Kyiv, by the way, they are going to strengthen the quarantine regime.

"The tightening of the rules will affect, first of all, unvaccinated citizens. The government is forced to go into quarantine for the unvaccinated, as the coronavirus does not recede," says the Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko. His words leads "Interfax-Ukraine". 

Now people who do not have a single certificate will be monitored even more closely. The unvaccinated will not be allowed to attend any mass events (even religious ones), entertainment venues and catering. The restrictions do not apply to grocery stores, pharmacies, banks and veterinary shops.

We previously reported What do Ukrainians most often die of?. As long as it's not COVID-19.

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