Eva Antonenko
26 October 2022 11: 15

The work of the secret services? Colonel who could be responsible for deliveries of kamikaze drones to Russia was killed in Iran

The network thanks Israel and the United States for this.

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The work of the secret services? Colonel who could be responsible for deliveries of kamikaze drones to Russia was killed in Iran

In Iran, on October 25, a colonel was shot dead in a car Mehdi Molashakhi and General of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Javada Keyha. About it сообщают Iranian media. This murder may be significant in the context of the war in Ukraine.

In this event, the most remarkable for Ukraine was the death of Molashakhi, an officer in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. According to some reports, he could be responsible for the supply of Iranian Shahed 136 kamikaze drones to Russiathanks to which she strengthened her position in the war against Ukraine.

Those killed are also accused of brutally suppressing anti-government protests in Iran over the past 15 years.

The shooters opened fire from a car, used a Kalashnikov assault rifle, managed to escape and remained unknown. Measures are being taken to identify the perpetrators. The Iranian press calls the dead martyrs.

Also online published photo of a bullet-riddled car with the bodies of two people.

The work of the secret services? A colonel who could be responsible for the supply of kamikaze drones to Russia was killed in Iran - photo 1

Note that in the comments to the photo social media users thank Israel and the United States.

Recall that, according to Ukrainian intelligence, the Russian Federation has already received 1700 drones from Iran and ordered new batches. By now more than 330 drones were produced in Ukraine, a third of which reach their goal.

At the same time, Iran denies the supply of drones to Russia and even declared its readiness to investigate this fact together with Ukraine.

Iran got it before

On the territory of Iran and earlier there were murders of individuals, in which the special services of other states were involved. Thus, between 2010 and 2012 four Iranian nuclear experts were killed: Masoud Alimohammadi, Majid Shahriari, Dariush Rezainejad и Mustafa Roshan. And in November 2020, a nuclear physicist was killed Mohsen Fahrihzade, in more detail about what we talked about in the link material.

In this way they tried to stop the Iranian nuclear program. Iran blamed Israel for all these killings, but there is still no official conclusion on who committed these killings.

We also recall that on October 21, Israel hit on the territory of the airport in Dimas, Syria, where, according to the Syrian Monitoring Center for Human Rights, Iranian drones were assembled. The airport is completely under Iranian control, and the flow of ammunition and spare parts for the drone assembly began to flow there from January 2022. It is alleged that the assembly line has been completely destroyed.

And in January 2020, Iran in the sky over Tehran shot down a Ukrainian civilian planeresulting in the death of 176 people.

We previously told what drones in the war use Ukraine and Russiaand wrote about Macron asked the Pope to call the President of the Russian Federation for the sake of Ukraine.

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