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11 October 2022 19: 45
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Putin met with Grossi and the President of the United Arab Emirates - what they talked about

The sheikh boasted that a Russian school would be opened in the Emirates, and the IAEA Director General again expressed concern about the situation at the Zaporozhye power plant.

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Putin met with Grossi and the President of the United Arab Emirates - what they talked about

Today the president of Russia Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin held in St. Petersburg two non-ordinary meetings in terms of the political situation in the world.

While the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky spoke to the G-XNUMX leaders demanding that Russia be punished and once again emphasized Ukraine's unwillingness to negotiate with the current leadership of the Russian Federation, Putin held talks with the President of the United Arab Emirates Mohammed Al Nahyan, where they discussed both bilateral relations and the desire of the UAE to take part in stabilizing the conflict between Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

In particular, Putin said the desire of the UAE to contribute to the resolution of all contentious issues, including the conflict with Ukraine, and suggested that this would provide an opportunity to "move towards a settlement of the situation."

But as for bilateral relations, which clearly interested the sheikh more than Ukraine, Al Nahyan said that last year the countries increased trade with $2,5 billion to $5 billion. which speaks for itself that the Emirates do not plan to stop there. Also, the President of the UAE said that today they have 4000 Russian companies, and also announced the opening of the first Russian school this year. All this is evidence that the UAE is accustomed to speaking the language of money, and the language of sentiment in relation to a particular country is possible only if it affects the material interests of the Emirates. Therefore, in the matter of cooperation with Russia, the UAE will act exclusively as it suits them.

Earlier we wrote that on the eve of the Sheikh's arrival in Russia The UAE Foreign Ministry said that his meeting with Putin is intended to help find "effective political decisions" Ukrainian crisis. But nevertheless, in fact, the de-escalation of the situation in Ukraine is not so beneficial for the Emirates. At least until it keeps oil prices high.

By the way, the UAE is a member of OPEC + countries whose representatives voted in early October for the reduction of oil production to maintain its higher value in world markets. Which caused, to put it mildly, the indignation of US President Joe Biden.

From Sheikh to Nuclear Security

After the meeting with the Sheikh, the Russian President spoke with the Director General of the IAEA Rafael Grossi. Naturally, in the first place it was about the situation at the Zaporozhye NPP.

In particular, Putin said that now there are "elements of unnecessarily dangerous politicization of everything connected with nuclear activity" and that such rhetoric should be reduced "despite all the turbulence on the world stage."

Whether Grossi and Putin managed to agree on something is not yet reported either by the IAEA or the Kremlin. Although it is highly likely that some specifics will not be announced, it is customary to talk about the results of such meetings in general terms. But, according to how the situation around ZNPP develops further, it will be seen whether this meeting was productive.

By the way, while the IAEA Director General and the President of the Russian Federation were discussing the Zaporozhye power plant, the Russian media сообщилиthat the Armed Forces of Ukraine "opened fire on the coastline of Energodar and the industrial zone of the Zaporizhzhya TPP." In Ukraine, this information has not yet been commented on.

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