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April 26 2021 17: 20
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Provocation before Victory Day: in Kyiv, radicals are planning a march in honor of the SS division "Galicia"

Nationalists call on this day to "remember the real heroes."

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Provocation before Victory Day: in Kyiv, radicals are planning a march in honor of the SS division "Galicia"

On April 28, nationalists are planning a march in honor of the SS division "Galicia" in the very center of Kyiv on Arsenalnaya Square. Thus, they are going to honor the memory of "real heroes" and remember the "feats of the legendary division."

“Ukraine will not forget the archer with a golden lion on his sleeve (the coat of arms of the division was a golden lion - ed.). April 28 at 18:00 Arsenalnaya Square will host an Embroidered March in honor of the legendary division "Galicia"- said in the message.

Note that the action is announced in one of the anonymous Ukrainian Telegram channels of the extreme right. We deliberately do not provide any links to this message., but in the comments to the post, subscribers express their satisfaction and approval of the planned event. Many of them use memes and pictures with Nazi symbols.

Andrey Medvedko is among the organizers of the action. This is a well-known radical from the C14 group. He is suspected of murder of journalist and writer Oles Buzinathat took place in 2015. The status of a murder suspect does not prevent Medvedko from working in the public council at NABU and gathering rallies and processions on the streets of Kyiv.

The action has already been supported by some celebrities. Among them is Andriy Sereda, frontman and vocalist of the famous Ukrainian rock band "Komu Down". He recorded a short video (there will also be no link to it), in which he expressed his support for the nationalist initiative and promised to join the demonstration.

The most important thing is that the legal status of the planned procession is still unclear. It is not even known whether the nationalists applied to Vitali Klitschko's office for official permission to hold the rally. It is also not entirely clear how to deal with lockdown and quarantine restrictions that are currently in effect in Kyiv and will continue to operate at least until 30 April.

However, an example recent Sabbath at the walls of the presidential administration clearly demonstrated that this public does not need permission, moreover, the more scandalous the "event" actually turns out to be, the better.

At the same time, the organizers of the march have no doubt that the National Police will not interfere with them and declare their intention to adhere to quarantine restrictions.

“We are sure that the police will not interfere with our procession. We are waiting for all the right, on a bright day on April 28, in the capital of Ukraine", the message says. I would like to see the answer of Mr. Minister AvakovDoes he share this confidence?

April 28 - the day of the creation of the SS division "Galicia". It was established on April 28, 1943 - that is, in this way the radicals want to celebrate its 78th anniversary. It is characteristic that in the public plane, nationalists almost never remember that it was a tactical unit precisely SS troops, modestly taking this abbreviation from the name of the division.

Klymenko Time recalls that the full name of "Galicia" - 14th SS Volunteer Infantry Division "Galicia". This unit was created mainly from Ukrainian volunteers. In the battle near Brody in 1944, the personnel of the unit suffered a crushing defeat. Subsequently, the division participated in the Vienna operation, as well as in punitive sorties against Soviet and Yugoslav partisans.

By the decision of the Nuremberg Tribunal, the SS was recognized as a criminal organization, banned and condemned by the whole world. Accordingly, all its parts and subdivisions fall under this verdict. And in 2016, deputies of the Polish parliament adopted a resolution qualifying the actions of the Galicia division against the Polish population as genocide.

It is reported that earlier such actions were not held in Kyiv. It should also be noted that the procession is planned to be held on the eve of Victory Day over Nazism, celebrated on May 9.

It is obvious that the radical nationalists intend to "kill three birds with one stone": check the administration of Zelensky and Mayor Klitschko for "lice", demonstrate their attitude to the Victory Day, and once again expand the notorious "Overton window" in Ukraine, this time - literally up to the size of a football goal. An action that was unthinkable even a couple of years ago under the Poroshenko administration this time threatens to become a reality, and in the center of the capital of Ukraine they will honor those whom the troops of the 1st Ukrainian Front utterly defeated in the 44th.

We have previously described how a march in memory of the heroes of Kruty took place in the capital. The radicals staged a torchlight procession, burned fireworks and shouted nationalist slogans.

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