Lyubov Kirilyuk
11 February 2022 19: 25

The check on illegal mining of amber ended in a shootout and stabbing. There are people injured

Diggers from the village of the Rivne region rebelled against the investigative and operational measures and rushed to the police with knives, axes and chainsaws.

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The check on illegal mining of amber ended in a shootout and stabbing. There are people injured

In the Rivne region there was a clash between police and civilians. The reason was illegal mining of amber. As a result, eight people, including three SBU officers, were injured.

As the press center of the local security serviceOn February 10, law enforcement officers arrived in the village of Yelnoye, Sarninsky district, in order to conduct an inspection. On the spot they were met by diggers armed with knives, axes and chainsaws. The civilians attacked first and managed to inflict injuries on three opponents, after which the police opened fire.

"SBU employees, acting within the framework of the Law and due to the circumstances, were forced to use weapons in order to stop the criminal actions of the attackers," - noted in the message of the SBU.

According to data from State Bureau of Investigations, four attackers were shot in the legs, another in the forearm. There are no serious casualties.

The National Police registered three criminal proceedings: under part 2 of article 342 of the Criminal Code “Resistance to a representative of authority, a law enforcement officer, a state executor ...”, under part 1 of article 294 of the Criminal Code “Mass riots” and under part 2 of article 345 Criminal Code "Threat or violence against a law enforcement officer." In addition, they will deal with the case of abuse of office with the use of weapons (part 2 of article 365 of the Criminal Code). The last article assumes from 3 to 8 years in prison.

Illegal mining of amber is a serious problem. In the Rivne, Volyn and Zhytomyr regions, it has become a huge business, which involves tens of thousands of people. This harms both the economy and the environment, but the "black" excavations are still flourishing and supported. Attempts to counter illegal fishing often end in armed conflict. About one of these cases we wrote in 2020. 

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