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10 February 2021 09: 40
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Pritula was expelled from the leadership of the Golos party. The showman will leave politics after Vakarchuk

According to People's Deputy Yaroslav Yurchyshyn, this is a "normal democratic procedure"

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Pritula was expelled from the leadership of the Golos party. The showman will leave politics after Vakarchuk

Scandalous TV presenter, showman and politician Sergey Pritula expelled from the Golos political council. He is no longer the deputy head of the party. On January 29, a congress of the political force was held, where the composition of the political council was completely renewed, and a number of technical decisions were made. Including important changes touched Prytula.

- Among other things, according to the results of the congress, Serhiy Prytula is no longer the deputy head of the Holos party and a member of the political council of the political force, - reported "Telegraph".

Later People's Deputy "Voice" Yaroslav Yurchishin рассказал "Gordon" that the TV presenter remains a member of the party, but is no longer part of the leadership. According to him, this is "a normal democratic procedure." Yurchyshyn also noted that Prytula plans to continue to communicate with the Kyiv center of the party.

People's Deputy added that it was the head of the party Kira Rudyk submitted a proposal regarding the personal composition of the leadership. They voted for him at the convention.

The press service of the "Voice" said "Suspilne"that the showman left the political council due to a change in course in the party. After all, the political force is now aimed at implementing a new plan.

According to information, the previous composition of the council, including Prytula, was engaged only in guardianship over local elections. However, it's time to change everything. The new line-up will implement the Voices National Plan for 2021. The party noted that the TV presenter continues to work on the development of political forces.

Most likely in the near future Prytula says goodbye to politics and leave following Svyatoslav Vakarchuk.

It is noteworthy that last week he took part in a rally in support of the defendants in the case. murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet. It would seem that he began to actively participate in the political life of Ukraine. Apparently, now we will see the showman less and less at such events. Perhaps soon he will decide to change the party and shine with renewed vigor. It should be noted that he nevertheless fulfilled his mission - the “Voice” party ended up in the Kyiv City Council.

What was earlier

At the end of January, rumors spread around the network that Novy Kanal had bought the project from the Russian Federation. This happened due to the fact that the show “Where is the logic” should start on the TV channel, which allegedly resembles the program of the Russian TNT. The fact is that Pritula was approved as the host, and a lot of criticism rained down on him.

Later, the showman decided to refute the gossip and wrote to Facebook explanation post.

- I’m a stubborn guy, I turned to the management with a demand to indicate the final beneficiary of the licensed product ... If Russian ears really stick out behind this product, then my legs will no longer be in the next seasons of this project, - he stressed.

It turned out that there was no connection between Novy Kanal and TNT. The management of Prytula stated that the British company is the owner of the format of the show.

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