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April 26 2021 13: 39
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Prytula masters the role of a conspirator: he is preparing a coup. The showman announced plans to lead the Voice party, replacing its current leadership

He is dissatisfied with the way the current leader of the Voice, Kira Rudyk, manages the project, and believes that he can do much better than her.

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Prytula masters the role of a conspirator: he is preparing a coup. The showman announced plans to lead the Voice party, replacing its current leadership

Showman Sergey Prytula said that he wanted to lead the Golos party, replacing the leadership of the project at a future party congress. Such a statement he did in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.

Former, and unsuccessful candidate for the mayor of Kyiv from the "Voice" made another harsh statement against the head of the party, Kira Rudyk. He accused her of inefficient management of the political force. When asked who could do it better, Pritula said that he himself was capable of it.

“Yes, I see myself as the new leader of the party. And I like what I see"- said the showman.

Prytula plans to bring the issue of leadership change to the next congress of Golos. When exactly it will take place is still unknown. However, the TV presenter promises that this will happen very soon.

"Everything depends on the good will of the party's current leadership", - demethylamine.

According to the showman, he is far from being the only one who is dissatisfied with the way Kira Rudyk manages the party. Behind Prytula is "a whole cluster of dissatisfied people", of which there are "very many", says the ex-candidate for the mayor of Kyiv.

It should be noted that the press service of Golos has already officially responded to the words of the presenter. They say that Pritula has the right to his opinion, and the party does not answer for the statements of one of the members.

“Mr. Prytula expresses a personal point of view… The activity of the party is organized according to the rules and procedures fixed in the charter. The next congress… will take place in accordance with the dates announced at the previous congress.”, - said in the "Voice".

Recall that the conflict between Prytula and Rudyk has been going on for a long time against the background of the struggle for power in the party. The showman accuses the current leadership of unprofessionalism and incompetence. At the same time, earlier Prytula was going to leave the "Voice" and generally leave politics. He voiced such desires back in January of this year. And already in March, the TV presenter publicly demanded re-election party leadership, obviously alluding to himself.

We previously reported Prytula's desire to raise tariffs for housing and communal services for Kiev residents. He made such a statement shortly before the mayoral elections in the capital. According to the showman, the quality of the services provided depends on the price. And if the tariffs are not raised, then the quality will not increase either, Prytula is convinced. At the same time, all other politicians are afraid to say such things, but he is not afraid, the showman was proud.

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