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17 January 2022 18: 00
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Forcing cash registers: sellers will be fined for not having a cash register

No one will escape the new law.

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Forcing cash registers: sellers will be fined for not having a cash register

Ukrainian entrepreneurs will not be given a single chance to avoid obligatory installation of registrars of settlement transactions (RPO). State Food and Consumer Service сообщаетthat sellers who refuse to serve customers by bank transfer will be fined.

Referring to Article 17 of the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights", representatives of the service declare that buyers have an unshakable right to pay for goods or services with a bank card. Every shop, kiosk, gym and barbershop should have a POS terminal or a QR code. Those who ignore this rule will face a penalty in the amount of ten times the cost of the goods (at least UAH 85) or 500 non-taxable minimums (UAH 8500). By the way, without a complaint, the seller will not be fined, so the situation remains on the conscience of the buyers.

We emphasize that the new norm does not apply to small settlements.

"It should be noted that the CMU resolution <...> provides for the exemption of certain categories of sellers from the mandatory acceptance of special means of payment for making payments for goods (services) sold, in particular, business entities that conduct business activities in settlements with a population of less than 25 thousand people", - says on the website of the State Food and Consumer Service.

Recall that not all RPOs were required to install. The exception is the self-employed on the single tax of group I, as well as traders with a small turnover. And now it turns out that the client has the right to complain about anyone, up to the grandmother selling seeds?

It seems that this is another predatory initiative disguised as protecting the rights of the population. FOPs reluctantly already install registrars - according to the portal OBOZREVATEL 241 Ukrainian entrepreneurs already have cash registers. And what about spontaneous trade? One gets the impression that everything is going to the fact that soon pensioners will be banned from selling vegetables from their own garden and personal belongings. Wonder how they'll survive then on my meager pension?

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