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07 May 2022 16: 18
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"Criminal and obviously illegal decision": the UOC reacted to the ban on its activities in Konotop and Brovary

Representatives of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church emphasize that this measure is inconsistent with the Constitution

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Criminal and obviously illegal decision: the UOC reacted to the ban on its activities in Konotop and Brovary

Yesterday we reported that in Konotop and Brovary banned the activities of the UOC-MP. And today, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church reacted to the ban, calling it "criminal and obviously illegal."

In particular, the Boryspil and Konotop eparchies were indignant at the decision of the city authorities. They are published the text, where they emphasized that such actions are illegal. First, according to Art. 19 of the Constitution of Ukraine, local governments do not have the right to prohibit or interfere in the activities of religious organizations, even under martial law. Secondly, the corresponding resolution was not made public and exists practically only in words.

On May 5, Archbishop Roman of Konotop and Glukhovsky posted an open letter to the mayor of Konotop, where he tried to explain that the Ukrainian church is not subordinate to the Moscow Patriarchate, but it did not have the desired effect.

"No one can usurp state power. These provisions are enshrined in the main law of our state - the Constitution of Ukraine. Therefore, we remind you that in Ukraine there is no so-called "Moscow Church", but there is the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, this is evidenced by Tomos - Diploma 27.10.1990 .XNUMX. That is, the Ukrainian Church received independence even earlier than our State," - writes the archbishop.

On May 7, the Kyiv Metropolis of the UOC also made a statement. She expressed fears that such interference in church affairs is systemic and works to split society.

"It seems that such actions of local governments are becoming systematic, have signs of subversive and sabotage activities, and also contradict the position of the Office of the President and the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. We declare that such decisions are criminal and obviously illegal. In addition, they become the cause of the internal weakening of our State in the conditions war and a significant obstacle to achieving peace in Ukraine, to which we all aspire, and for which blood is being shed," it is said in the text.

Recall that the prohibition of the UOC implies:

  • protection of real estate objects of the church communities of the UOC;
  • introduction of a special mode of their work;
  • taboo on church services, meetings, rallies, processions and other public events

In turn, the mayor of Konotop рассказал, which publicly called on the ministers of the Moscow church to either move to the OCU or "leave". At the same time, he admitted that he does not see them in any Ukrainian church. "These are people who have garbage in their heads. It's like letting the fifth column go home. Why take them to the OCU? If they were conscious, they would have come long ago. If we take them, there will come a moment when they will insert us knife in the back", Semenikhin said.

Artem Semenikhin said that he plans to hold a meeting with law enforcement agencies, in particular, instruct the local police department to seal the relevant churches. According to him, in Konotop from the Moscow Patriarchate:

  • up to 30 priests;
  • over 10 churches.

"I believe that the Moscow Patriarchate is not representatives of the clergy, they have one religion - war and evil. At one time," Moscow priests "refused to even honor the memory of our fallen soldiers of the ATO. We remember this well, so I will do everything from my best to purge my society of these henchmen, agents of the FSB of Russia", - added the mayor of Konotop.

Presumably, this is done with the prospect of transferring temples under the leadership of the OCU. At least, this follows from the statements of the head of Konotop, accusing the UOC of aiding the enemy. 

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