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01 December 2022 13: 45
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Do weapons supplied to Ukraine end up in other countries and how is it controlled?

We figure out where is the truth and where is the lie in such a sensitive topic.

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Do weapons supplied to Ukraine end up in other countries and how is it controlled?

The issue of control over weapons supplied to Ukraine remains very relevant for Western countries, where in society and among opposition politicians there are questions about whether all supplies reach the front and are used for their intended purpose. And the topic itself often becomes an occasion for manipulation. We tell how weapons are controlled in Ukraine and where they still managed to illegally take them out.

How are guns controlled?

In Ukraine, to control the supply of Western weapons, since the end of October, the NATO logistics program for accounting and control of arms LOGFAS has been launched. By words defense minister Alexey Reznikov, this system is integrated with the SOTA information and analytical system module, which monitors arms supplies to Ukraine from partner countries. In this way, it is possible to keep track of each weapon, and this allows for a significant increase in accountability.

LOGFAS is currently in the process of implementation. It is expected that this program will become one of the main tools for the digitalization of logistics in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and will also provide logistics planning for both international assistance and the resources of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In addition, American specialists personally check weapons supplied to Kyiv far from the front lines, but do not approach the frontso that the Kremlin does not consider this as a direct participation of Americans in hostilities. That is, control is also carried out by the Democratic Party. In this regard, we can conclude that arms control at the front is more weakened.

At the same time, it is noted that in most cases personal checks take place exclusively at the place of transfer of weapons to Ukrainians, and enhanced monitoring is applied if the weapon contains any secret technology. In Ukraine, these types of weapons include Stingers, Javelins, Avenger air defense systems and night vision devices.

There are risks

Both in the United States, as the main military donor for Ukraine, and in Ukraine itself, they officially deny the possible resale of weapons supplied to the country, referring to increased control over them.

At the same time, the possibility of illegal supplies of weapons from Ukraine to other countries is being discussed in the public space, for example:

  • President of Nigeria Muhammad and Bukhari saidthat weapons and militants are already entering the region from Russia and Ukraine, and this has increased the proliferation of small arms and light weapons in the country, and exacerbated the terrorism of Boko Haram (terrorist Islamist organization) in the Lake Chad basin;
  • Finnish police conducted an investigation possible entry of weapons from Ukraine to criminal groups in the country. According to the results of the investigation, the facts of the supply of smuggled weapons have not been found;
  • head of the UK National Crime Agency Graham Biggar said that there is a risk of Western weapons from Ukraine falling into the hands of criminals, but neither London nor Europol recorded such cases. According to him, at the end of military conflicts “there are surpluses of weapons that fall into the hands of criminals or terrorists”.

Fact or disinformation?

Previously, information has also repeatedly appeared that Western weapons supplied to Ukraine are allegedly sold on the darknet. However, BBC journalists own investigation and came to the conclusion that such ads, which, by the way, are immediately picked up by the Russian media, were fake: the photographs attached to the ads were taken before the war and processed in the editor. And some arms dealers posed as Ukrainians and used an online translator to communicate, as indicated by a linguistic analysis of the correspondence.

In this regard, it is assumed that the main goal of such messages is to sow panic among the civilian population of Western countries due to allegations that weapons supplied to Ukraine can be used against European citizens, and as a result, to form public pressure on the authorities of Western states to reduce military aid to Ukraine.

In October, an anonymous senior Biden administration official said that Only one verifiable example of a weapons system smuggled out of Ukraine since the start of the war is known to the United States: A Swedish-made anti-tank grenade launcher that exploded in the trunk of a car about 10 miles from Moscow.

It should be noted that, taking into account the above facts, we can conclude that it is most difficult to control the circulation of weapons that have already reached the front, and in particular small arms that can really be sold. In Ukraine already several cases of such trade were recorded. However, there have been no further reports of such crimes since the summer.

Weapons captured on the battlefield by the enemy can also be exported to other countries.

Previously, we wrote that in the Kiev hotel "Khreshchatyk" found a huge warehouse of weapons, and told that in Europe, Ukrainian refugees and children are trafficked.

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