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11 July 2022 14: 00
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Help to finance the war: Ukraine wants to intercept gas transit from Nord Stream 1

Ukrainian ministries have said that Ukraine can completely replace Nord Stream 1.

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Help to finance the war: Ukraine wants to intercept gas transit from Nord Stream 1

Despite the war, Ukraine continues to try to increase the volume of Russian gas flowing through it to Europe.

Thus, the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expressed their deep disappointment in connection with the decision of the Government of Canada to issue a permit for the return to Germany of turbines repaired by Siemens Canada for Nord Stream 1. The ministry said that on the day Canada announced the decision, Russia shelled residential areas in a number of Ukrainian cities and behaved like a terrorist state.

The departments also said that they consider the Canadian-German agreement "adjusting the sanctions regime to the whims of Russia". In their opinion, the Russian Federation can continue to supply gas to Europe in full and without the turbine that has become the subject of discussion, since SP-1 has several such turbines, only one has been sent to Canada, now only 3 are working, and the rest are turned off without explanation.

Ukraine can completely replace the "SP-1"

The ministries said that the Russian Federation can continue the uninterrupted supply of gas to the EU, even if for some reason transportation via Nord Stream 1 becomes impossible. In particular, it can use the transit capacity it has already paid for through Ukraine, which is now used by less than 40% of the paid.

According to the ministries, under the current contract, Gazprom can supply additional 67 million cubic meters gas per day. In addition, he can book even before 135 million cubic meters per day of additional capacity to meet the needs of the European market for gas. This route has traditionally supplied the bulk of gas to Germany, Italy, Austria and other countries in the region. Thus, the ministries summarize that Ukraine can completely replace Nord Stream 1.

In addition, according to the ministries, the Russian Federation can transport gas to the EU and through Poland, but refused this at its own choice.

Money for the war

After the start of the war, Ukraine represented by the Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba demanded introduction of a complete embargo on trade in Russian gas and oil.

“We insist on a total embargo on Russian oil and gas. Buying them means pay for the murders of Ukrainian men, women and children. I welcome the first decisive steps of a number of European states, and in this regard I call on others to act decisively and immediately.He wrote.

Help to finance the war: Ukraine wants to intercept gas transit from Nord Stream 1 - photo 1

Later, the vocabulary of the Ukrainian side softened: given that the EU is currently not ready for a full embargo on Russian energy, including due to limited logistics, Ukraine began protrude only for the oil embargo, which eventually turned out to be partial.

At the same time, the Ukrainian authorities are silent about the fact that the transit of Russian gas through the territory of Ukraine, the increase in the volume of which they are so seeking, also brings profit to the Russian Federation, which means it leads to the consequences that Kuleba wrote about. In addition, Ukraine in the conditions of war receives payment for transit from the state that attacked it. But you don't understand, it's different.

Earlier Ukraine has already proposed to increase the volume of Russian gas pumped through its territory.

We also wrote about not all Ukrainians will be able to return the overpayment for gas, and told that Germany could run out of gas reserves in two months.

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