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24 July 2022 12: 35
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Help for the partially unemployed: who is entitled and how to apply

The state is ready to help Ukrainians who are laid off and have lost part of their income

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Help for the partially unemployed: who is entitled and how to apply

Портал recalls that June 24 came into force Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 702, according to which people who have lost full-time employment are entitled to social assistance. We figure out who can apply for funds from the state.

Payments are due hired registered workers and FLPwho, after the start of the war, lost part of their salaries due to unforeseen circumstances. This includes martial law, reduced production, the inability to systematically go to work due to hostilities, etc.

The resolution lists the following conditions for receiving money:

  • production decreased by at least 20%;
  • working time and FLP income decreased by 30% or more;
  • the absence of employer or FLP arrears in payment of salaries, payment of a single contribution or insurance premiums for the last six months;
  • the unified contribution for compulsory state social insurance (ESV) has been fully repaid;
  • the employee's employer is not a social security fund.

Help is not provided:

  • citizens working part-time for two or more employers;
  • persons who went on vacation at their own expense;
  • persons whose contract with production has been suspended

The partial unemployment benefit is issued in employment center at the place of application. You can apply both in paper and electronic form.

Payment duration - no more than 180 calendar days within 36 months from the date of stop (reduction) of production.

Ранее Klymenko Time reported how to get housing for IDPs from the state fund and payments to IDPs in case of loss of a passport.

We also understood what is basic retirement income and who is entitled to it.


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