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10 December 2022 12: 11
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Poles fighting in the Armed Forces of Ukraine face up to 5 years in prison, but no one wants to punish them

The road is paved with good intentions into... prison. The Poles who are fighting for Ukraine face a term for mercenarism.

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Poles fighting in the Armed Forces of Ukraine face up to 5 years in prison, but no one wants to punish them

Poles who fight in Ukraine without the permission of the government (that is, as mercenaries) fall under the article on mercenarism and can be sent to prison for five years. About this сообщает Rzeczpospolita newspaper.

However, the Polish authorities are unlikely to judge the mercenaries, despite the fact that most of them are illegal immigrants. Although the situation is ambiguous: in October, out of 34 applications for service in a foreign army, only two were satisfied by the Ministry of Defense. That is, 32 who expressed a desire to fight are illegal immigrants, not Polish soldiers. 

At the same time, the country's Ministry of Defense says that if service in a foreign army does not contradict the interests of Poland, then there will be no criminal liability.

"From the statements and actions of representatives of the ruling camp, it is clear that he assesses participation in hostilities with the Russians in Ukraine as in line with the interests of the Republic of Poland and the international policy of our country," the newspaper writes. But he adds that, purely legally, Polish volunteers in Ukraine are still under attack.

At the same time, "the number of Poles fighting in Ukraine may be several hundred people," the newspaper claims, citing experts.

Earlier, we reported that Ukraine is asking Western partners to transfer us more powerful missile defense systems, including Patriot air defense systems. Poland wants but cannot and against this background, the conflict with Germany intensifies.

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