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26 September 2022 19: 00
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While the EU is arguing about the price ceiling for Russian oil, Japan and Britain are imposing new sanctions against Russia

For oil price restrictions to come into force, they must be approved by 27 EU member states, but it seems that there is no unanimity yet.

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While the EU is arguing about the price ceiling for Russian oil, Japan and Britain are imposing new sanctions against Russia

EU countries are struggling to reach an agreement to establish Russian oil price ceiling and likely to delay its introduction until a broader package of sanctions is agreed upon, пишет Bloomberg, citing informed sources.

And Baba Yaga is against

For restrictions to take effect 27 EU Member States must unanimously approve them, but for now among the countries that have spoken out against - Cyprus and, as expected, Hungary, whose prime minister recently once again called on the European Union to lift anti-Russian sanctions.

The publication notes that many details are still under discussion. Thus, for example, the question remains as to what level to set price ceiling.

In addition, EU countries are also discussing sanctions on the export to Russia of electronic components used in weapons. According to Bloomberg interlocutors, a preliminary agreement on this issue may be concluded before informal meeting of EU leaders in Prague 6 October.

G7 countries planned to create a mechanism to cap prices for the export of Russian oil to on December 5rd. That's when they should have come into effect. European Union sanctionsprohibiting the import of Russian oil by sea.

Eighth package of sanctions

But just yesterday it became known that The eighth package of sanctions against Russia will not contain restrictions on oil, while the G7 continues to work on the details.

The package of proposals for new sanctions against Russia included sanctions against Russian banks, a ban on the import of diamonds and a ban on the supply of smartphones to Russia, пишет EUobserver with a link to the document. package prepared Poland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Thus, the countries called for expanding the list of banks disconnected from the international SWIFT system, including Gazprombank, Alfa-Bank, Rosbank and Tinkoff Bank. It is also proposed to ban the purchase and import diamonds from Russia.

In addition, as part of a new package of sanctions, the EU countries intend to ban cooperation with Russia in nuclear energy, transferring EU or US banknotes to Russia and selling real estate to Russians. In the IT sector, it is proposed to ban the use of Kaspersky Lab technologies, as well as ban European companies provide IT services to Russian clients.

New sanctions from Liz Tras and Japan

In the meantime, the UK government is conferring in the European Union due to the holding of "referendums" in the regions of Ukraine occupied by the Russian army, as well as in the LPR and DPR, has introduced into the sanctions list 33 citizens of Russia. Thus, Russian officials, businessmen and developers, as well as the "heads" of the administrations of the occupied Ukrainian regions, appointed by the Russian Federation, fell under the sanctions. In addition, the sanctions list includes the following banks and companies:

  • IMA Consulting;
  • Goznak, engaged in the development and production of state signs;
  • Moscow Commercial Bank for International Settlements;

The last time the UK imposed sanctions was at the end of July. Then came under the restrictions 27 Russian governorsand the Minister of Justice.

Does not lag behind Foggy Albion and Japan, whose government also reported new anti-Russian sanctions, including in the restrictive lists 21 organizations and prohibiting the supply of goods related to the production chemical weapons.This was reported on Online Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Earlier, Japan imposed export sanctions against Russian companies and organizations related, according to the Japanese side, with the defense sector and against 133 people from the Russian Federation, "DNR" and "LNR".

Earlier, we talked about the fact that, on the one hand, the EU announced the preparation of a new package of sanctions against the Russian Federation, and on the other Media releases document that could ease restrictions.

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