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04 October 2022 17: 00
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While Arestovich is cursing Mogilyanka and Ukrainian youth, a robot student has been admitted to a Chinese university

Arestovich called the graduates of the Kiev-Mohyla Academy "fucking youth", and the academy itself "***banut", but later apologized.

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While Arestovich is cursing Mogilyanka and Ukrainian youth, a robot student has been admitted to a Chinese university

Advisor to the Office of the President Alexey Arestovich couldn't stay away from yesterday, and continuing today hype and hate to the American businessman Ilona Mask, who took the liberty of inviting his subscribers to vote for his scenario for a peace settlement wars in Ukraine. Truth, Arestovich went too far, which pulled some of the criticism against Musk onto himself.

The fact is that among the angry comments about the not-so-successful attempt by the American billionaire to get into political affairs, there were calls for refusal in Ukraine not only from the company's products Tesla, and from Starlink, on which, as you know, all communication of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the front rests. And these calls were mainly from Ukrainian youth.

It was this fact that angered Arestovich, who, discussing the modern "cancellation culture" yesterday during aether on the Feigin Live channel, he scolded both modern youth and the universities that teach them, although it was the Kiev-Mohyla Academy that fell under the hot hand of the adviser to the OP.

"We also have such trends. Especially among these fucking young people who studied at their Kiev-Mohyla academies *** fucked up from Canadian universities, with their feminism and everything else ... We just, apparently, very rich people, who can afford the luxury of refusing operational communications and the Internet during the war. If only the culture of cancellation triumphed, so that we don’t have a single Starlinka of this infection that said something wrong there"- said Arestovich.

He also noted that anticipates a wave of criticism, which an hour after the broadcast will fall on him, including from students and graduates of Mogilyanka, and is ready for it. Even assumed that there would be a petition to fire him from his post as an adviser to the OP. But already today on your Facebook Arestovich apologized for specific words addressed to the university and its students, citing "rhetorical fervor."

“I offer my sincere apologies to the students and teachers of the Kiev-Mohyla Academy (although there are still those centers of neo-Marxist ideas there). Here I was directly wrong, and, of course, it is impossible to cut thousands of different people with the same brush on one formal basis. in rhetorical fervor at the end of the working day, especially when the next Musk infuriated you with another offer to give a bit of the Motherland to Putin", - he wrote, clearly trying to correct the situation.

But in China, it seems that soon there will be no problems with the "wrong" youth, a new student has appeared in one of the elite universities in the Middle Kingdom - this is an artificial intelligence girl.

Reportedly local media, a virtual student named Hua Zhibin enrolled in the Department of Computer Science and Technology at Tsinghua University, where she will focus on courses related to technology and data. She is said to be the first such student.

While Arestovich is cursing Mohyla and Ukrainian youth, a robot student has been admitted to a Chinese university - photo 1

It is worth noting that the Chinese government has an ambitious vision for the artificial intelligence sector in the country and plans to achieve a breakthrough in this area by 2025. In recent years, China has increasingly applied artificial intelligence in several sectors, including healthcare and education. And companies are using artificial intelligence to develop apps that help preserve local dialects, as well as self-driving cars, digital twins for news anchors, and chatbots to brighten up single men's leisure time.

By the way, if you missed the whole epic with statements Ilona Mask and the reaction of his subscribers and politicians to them, you can read about it in our materials at the links:

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