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19 September 2022 14: 45
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All products will rise in price, except for one: what you need to buy now

In September, some products fell in price, but closer to winter, the food basket may rise in price by 40%.

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All products will rise in price, except for one: what you need to buy now

If in September Ukrainians began to celebrate price cuts on some products, in particular, it concerns some cereals, then closer By winter, price tags in stores will increase significantly. So experts advise starting to stockpile non-perishable food now.

We buy buckwheat, flour, rice and potatoes

Yes, the price has gone down significantly. error. If in August its cost was 92-93 UAHthen September one of the most popular cereals can be bought for 86-78 UAH. as evidenced by the data of the portal "Ministry of Finance".

In addition, it is noted almost for a hryvnia price reduction for flour. If in August she was average 23 UAH, then in September the price of a kilogram of flour is 22,08 UAH.

Also slightly, but nevertheless cheaper round rice. If average August prices reached 75 UAH per kilogram, then in September the price tag of rice fell to 73-74 UAH. But the long grain rice has risen markedly: 63 UAH in AugustTo 76 UAH per kilogram September. In addition, rose the price of sugar - with 31-32 UAH to 34-35 UAH

Some vegetables also fell slightly in price. So, because the farmers have already harvested potato, its price in the wholesale market is 5 UAH per kilogram while in August was worth 6 UAH. And it hasn't changed since August. price of tomatoes, their cost ranges from 12 to 30 UAHa kilogram, depending on the variety.

As for the rest of the vegetables, there is an expected seasonal growth. Most cucumbers have risen in price. In the wholesale market, their price increased by 4,5 times - from 10 to 45 UAH per kilogram.

Literally in a week eggplants have risen in price с 45 to 58-60 UAH per kg., zucchini - from 20 to 23 UAH/kg. cabbage - from 8 to 10 UAH/kg., beet - from 5 to 10 UAH/kg. Fruits also show a seasonal increase in prices.

Further, only higher

Unfortunately, according to experts, these are only the first signs. product price increases, which Ukrainians should expect at the end of autumn and winter. The only exception is one product, which should not rise in price until the end of the year - this eggs.

Due to complicated logistics the export of eggs has become almost impossible. And Ukraine does not need as many eggs as it produces now. There is an oversupply in the market. That's why egg prices will remain unchanged, считает member of the economic discussion club Oleg Pendzin.

True, by mid-September in retail chains the price of eggs has gone up immediately on 5-7 hryvnia. But it is possible that price stabilization will occur later, writes Telegraph.

On words Candidate of Economic Sciences Alexander Khmelevsky, already in November Ukrainians will observe a "jump" in price tags on average 30-35%.

The economist notes that despite the fact that Ukraine has significant grain reserves, due to export restrictions in the coming months, prices for bread and flour will grow moderately 10-15%.

The same trend is expected cost of butter and sugarwhich can add value 15-20%. Prices for some cereals buckwheat and rice, are largely dependent on imports, so the devaluation of the hryvnia may lead to an increase in prices for these products 20-25%.

Khmelevsky believes that due to the mass slaughter of livestock in winter, lack of milk and dairy products. This will lead to a possible increase in prices for 30-40%. For the same reasons, respectively jump and meat prices - about 30%.

Food basket record holder for price increases

It must be said that despite the fact that lately in Ukraine, prices have increased for almost everything, it was the food basket that turned out to be the record holder in the rise in price. Most of all added in the price of vegetables. According to According to State Statistics Service vegetable prices increased by 115%. Added a lot of value and cereals - an average of 80%. Vegetable oil has risen in price by 47%. Bread and bakery products increased in price by more than a third - by 37%. Butter went up by a quarter, and meat increased in price by 20%.

According to forecasts Oleg Pendzin, the cost of the food basket by the end of this year will grow even more on 40%. Most of all, vegetables will rise in price, meat, cereals, bread and dairy products will become more expensive.

Recall that the Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly warned that the coming winter will be the most difficult in the history of the country. Earlier, we talked about how the cost of products has increased since the beginning of 2022 and what has risen in price the most. They also wrote what stocks, and not only food stocks, it is better to do nowconsidering possible damage to critical infrastructure.

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