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17 July 2021 16: 58
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Cleaned up and warmed up. It became known where Yulia Mendel's "numerous talents" came in handy

The ex-speaker of Zelensky took up deoligarchization.

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Cleaned up and warmed up. It became known where Yulia Mendel's "numerous talents" came in handy

Haven't gotten around to discussing yet new book, Julia Mendel, as the ex-presidential press secretary said that she now works on a TV channel Rinat Akhmetova "Ukraine 24".

And not just on the channel, but in the previously advertised project “Great Deoligarchization”. About this Mendel posted on her Facebook page.

“Events are developing, and I am joining the team of the weekly final program “Great Deoligarchization”, - said Mendel, specifying that the debut video column, which she will conduct, can be seen on the air today.

Everything seems to be logical, at first she promised insiders in the book, now she will keep her finger on the “pulse” and control the implementation of the presidential initiative. But, in fact, realizing that the channel belongs to the most influential Ukrainian oligarch, who, whatever one may say, is treated more than loyally in the President's Office, it becomes clear that Mendel has not gone that far from her former boss.

All the more so Klymenko Time already wrote that Akhmetov is not really "steamed" about deoligarchization as such, but launched a TV project, since the topic is rated and you can earn money on it.

It is also interesting that the current Zelensky's speaker Sergei Nikiforov came to the president from the channel "Ukraine 24". So let's see if the "amount" will change from the change of places of press secretaries.

We remind you that, despite official reports, the real reason for Julia Mendel's departure from the post of press secretary remained unknown. It is also unknown whether she herself left because she was tired of bearing the burden of this position, or she was nevertheless “left”, given the numerous punctures and blunders in her work, which became the subject of ridicule and memes.

Rane Klymenko Time said that tinkering with options for the title of Julia Mendel's book, Facebook commentators recalled to the former press secretary both all her mistakes and the mistakes of her former "boss". There were no jokes about "the sixth brownie bear", alleged pregnancy Mendel and pro "50 shades" of delicate correspondence on the dating sites of the “servant of the people” Bohdan Yarmenko.

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