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03 October 2022 14: 30
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"Paladin of the Apocalypse": where are the Russian submarine with the Poseidon nuclear missile and the Ukrainian corvette "Hetman Mazepa" going

The Italian media are frightening with a Russian nuclear torpedo that can destroy New York, and in Ukraine they report that the first Ukrainian anti-submarine corvette has been launched.

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"Paladin of the Apocalypse": where are the Russian submarine with the Poseidon nuclear missile and the Ukrainian corvette "Hetman Mazepa" going

Today, a publication appeared in the Italian press, which reports that movements of the Russian multi-purpose submarine "Belgorod" have been recorded in the Kara Sea.

Trials or...?

Newspaper The Republic referring to the intelligence structures of NATO countries, claims that this may be evidence that in the Russian Federation decided to test the Poseidon torpedo carried by the submarine.

"Alliance intelligence has compiled a report and distributed it among all key Allied commands, reporting on the entry into operation of the nuclear submarine "Belgorod" and its immersion in the Arctic seas. According to the NATO command, the Russian submarine set sail with one goal - to test the Poseidon super torpedo, which in the West is referred to as the "paladin of the Apocalypse"", - writes the edition.

The Italian newspaper suggests that the result of these movements may be not only exercises, but also use of a torpedo with a nuclear warhead, resulting in a nuclear tsunami, "capable of washing away huge cities like New York or Los Angeles", located on the coast.

"Poseidon torpedoes, with a capacity of several megatons, are capable of causing a 500-meter radioactive tsunami. They can destroy cities like New York or Los Angeles. There are up to 8 such missiles on board the Belgorod., - quotes, according to La Repubblica, a NATO intelligence report.

In addition, the publication notes that the torpedo is capable of moving at speeds of over a hundred kilometers per hour and NATO satellites cannot track its movement.

"The torpedo was designed to emit very little heat and move silently at speeds of more than a hundred kilometers per hour, which prevents satellites from tracking its movement. In this regard, NATO sent an intelligence report to the allied commands," - noted in the article of the Italian newspaper.

La Repubblica argues that the release of the Belgorod submarine into the open sea may also indicate Moscow's desire so far only to demonstrate the presence of powerful weapons.

“Poseidon development has been going on for years, while NATO officials have been skeptical about it. It is assumed that some tests were carried out as early as 2015, but there were never any launches from Belgorod. Few people believe that a super torpedo can already be put into operation ", - writes the publication, but notes that "Even a statement about the testing would allow the Kremlin to pull the rope in its direction in terms of a reminder of the presence of such weapons."

In Russia, at the moment, they do not officially comment on this information, but The Ukrainian Center for Counteracting Disinformation has already accused the Italian publicatione in "manipulation", which can "to play into the hands" Kremlin.

"Information about the Belgorod submarine can play into the hands of Russian propaganda. The Italian newspaper La Repubblica spread information manipulation about the movement of the Russian Belgorod submarine, which was picked up by other world media", the CPD said in a statement.

The Center claims that, as monitoring has shown, as of 3.10.2022/2016/XNUMX, such information has not been made public on the NATO website, in addition, according to the information of the CPD, the alliance regularly records the activity of Russian submarines, starting from the Cold War and on the modernization of navigation systems and weapons of submarines. Russia's boats were announced to NATO back in XNUMX.

"Such unsubstantiated statements by the media only reinforce Russia's information terrorism," - emphasized in the Center for Counteracting Disinformation.

For your information:

Submarine "Belgorod" entered service with the Russian Navy on July 8, 2022. In fact it is the longest submarine in the world - with a length of 184 meters and a width of 15 meters, it can swim under water at a speed of about 60 kilometers per hour and with an unlimited power reserve: approximately 120 days without the need to return to the surface. And her propellers are considered innovative because they are designed to evade sonar, пишет Focus.

"Paladin of the Apocalypse": where are the Russian submarine with the nuclear missile "Poseidon" and the Ukrainian corvette "Hetman Mazepa" - photo 1

The Poseidon torpedo was designed to bypass US infrared satellite surveillance. According to information from Russian sources, the torpedo is capable of reaching the target at an intercontinental range at a depth of more than 1 km at a speed of 60–70 knots (110–130 km/h).

"Paladin of the Apocalypse": where are the Russian submarine with the nuclear missile "Poseidon" and the Ukrainian corvette "Hetman Mazepa" - photo 2

The first corvette for the Ukrainian fleet

Meanwhile, the Hetman Ivan Mazepa Ada-class anti-submarine corvette was launched in Turkey for the Ukrainian navy. the head of the Ministry of Defense of the country announced this on his Twitter Alexey Reznikov, Adding that godmother of the ship became the first lady of Ukraine Elena Zelenskaya.

"The Hetman Ivan Mazepa corvette has been launched! @ZelenskaUA has become the godmother of the ship. It is being built in Turkey and will serve Ukraine. With such a ship, our Black and Azov Seas will be safe. PS The future base port is Ukrainian Sevastopol", Reznikov said.

At the end of 2020, the Ukrainian shipbuilding plant Okean signed a memorandum with the Turkish state defense concern on the construction of a series of corvettes for the Navy. Six months later, Ukraine and Turkey signed an agreement to build two Ada-class corvettes. In September 2021, the keel for the first corvette was laid in Istanbul, and at the end of December, the assembly of the corvette hull began. According to Liga.net, Turkish ships will enter the fleet no earlier than 2025-2030.

For your information:

Displacement of Ada-class corvettes - over 2,4 thousand tons, maximum speed - 29 knots, and cruising range - 3,5 thousand miles. According to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, corvettes for the country's Navy will receive Harpoon anti-ship missiles. The air defense of the corvettes will consist of the French VL MIKA anti-aircraft missile systems. An Oerlikon Millennium 35mm rapid-fire automatic shipborne anti-aircraft gun will also be installed. The ships have a hangar for a helicopter or unmanned systems, as well as a deck platform for the departure and landing of aircraft.

"Paladin of the Apocalypse": where are the Russian submarine with the nuclear missile "Poseidon" and the Ukrainian corvette "Hetman Mazepa" - photo 3


Recall that on September 30, the President of Russia Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin at the signing ceremony of agreements with the "heads" of the "LDNR", Zaporozhye and Kherson regions He pledged "do everything to ensure the safety of our people".

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