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16 June 2021 12: 35
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“It smells like a clearly rotten president”: Mogilnitsky harshly criticized Zelensky for his words about the UOC

“What will happen to our state when there is not even hope left here?

Maxim Mogilnitsky
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It smells like a clearly rotten president: Mogilnitsky harshly criticized Zelensky for his words about the UOC

Yesterday, June 15, near the Verkhovna Rada There was a big prayer stand. It was organized Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC), thus protesting against the policy of persecution of a religious organization. According to various estimates, about 20 thousand parishioners gathered for prayer standing. head of state Vladimir Zelensky commented on this event during a speech at the forum "Ukraine.30". However, he expressed himself very incorrectly.

Maxim Mogilnitsky, Managing Partner, Mogilnitsky & Partners reacted to the statement of the Ukrainian leader, noting that the authorities are taking away people's hope.

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“Look what is under the Verkhovna Rada today. I'm really sorry. There are grandmothers and children. In yellow caps "OPZZH". Something is wrong in the church again. And so suddenly everyone became interested in this issue that thousands of grannies in caps "OPZZH". WELL, how does it look like?” Zelensky reacted to the procession.

I don’t know, Vladimir Alexandrovich, what he looks like, but he smells like a clearly rotten president. All this smells of cynical lies, betrayal and contempt for one's own people. Doesn't make you sick? Well, be healthy!

Twenty thousand Ukrainian men and women came to their president with a misfortune, and he was kind of disdainful - "grandmothers in caps." Do not be distracted, they say, by serfs, dear seigneurs! How subtly and witty he exposed this annoying "rabble"!

Sane Ukrainians have long been accustomed to insults and discrimination. We have no illusions. But it's simply dangerous to drive people into a corner like this.

It's not a whim and not whims. The number of parishioners of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is colossal, and by law they intend to deprive them of the main thing - the temple. In other words, Zelensky robs believers of their last hope.

What will become of our state when there is not even hope left here?

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