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16 November 2022 13: 30
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From a refugee to a displaced person - horseradish is not sweeter: how Poland is changing its strategy towards refugees and why IDPs are delaying payments

The number of internally displaced persons in Ukraine may increase as Poland decided to help Ukrainian refugees return home.

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From a refugee to a displaced person - horseradish is not sweeter: how Poland is changing its strategy towards refugees and why IDPs are delaying payments

The Polish government stated that, in cooperation with the Ukrainian authorities changes its strategy towards Ukrainian refugees, in particular, we are talking about humanitarian aid within Ukraine and the return of refugees home. About it пишет Polish edition of Rzeczpospolita.

From Polish cities to container towns near Lviv

The publication notes that in order to stop the next wave of refugees in Europe, Poles are helping to build container towns for IDPs in Ukraine.

"The UN warns that winter can provoke a new wave of migration. European countries are not ready for this, Ukraine also does not want to lose young families with children who cannot return", - the edition marks.

Polish journalists focus on the fact that initiatives come from Ukraine, which does not want a massive outflow of citizens, therefore it creates different strategies and solutions to prevent depopulation and subsequent emigration.

"Poland, as a friend of Ukraine, will not try to attract as many workers as possible, but create a climate for Ukrainians so that they can return home and rebuild the country", - the article says.

Authorized Representative of the Government of Poland for Refugees from Ukraine Pavel Scheffernacker draws attention to the fact that in order to be safe, Ukrainians do not have to leave the country, people move inside Ukraine - for example, from Of Kiev go to the outskirts Of Lviv or to relatives in the suburbs.

"Currently, the Polish government is building modular housing in Ukraine in consultation with the Ukrainian authorities. Housing complexes for 20 IDPs are collapsible containers, they are easy to transport and deploy. The first campus was opened in Lviv. To date, 000 similar centers have been built in Lviv , Kyiv, Chernihiv regions. Another 19 modular towns are being built in the Kyiv region. It is noted that houses can be built separately or combined in one location. Each room is furnished. Equipped toilets, warehouses, a first-aid post and a dining room are also provided on the territory of the center, writes Rzeczpospolita.

Problems with payments to IDPs

How Ukrainians will feel in container towns, who have nowhere else to return - the second question. The point is also that internal migrants in Ukraine, especially those who have been making payments in the last few months, are faced with the problem of receiving them.

According to the Deputy Minister of Social Policy Vitaly Muzychenko, This is influenced by two factors - it is human and technical. Sometimes there are delays due to the untimely processing by the employees of the welfare authorities of the documents of the recipients of payments, if people submitted such documents personally.

In addition, he noted that at the initial stages of launching the system this spring, there were repeated technical failures due to the large number of applications submitted through the Diya public services portal.

"Here the situation can be of a different nature - it is banal from the human factor, when someone did not work out this application - went on vacation or quit, fell ill. In addition, we had a rather systemic issue regarding the interaction of digital documents uploaded through the Diya application", - said the Deputy Minister.

In case of delays in payments, Ukrainians are recommended re-submit documents to the regional offices of social protection authorities or TsNAP. Payments in this case will be accrued from the moment when the application was submitted for the first time. This must be done by December 1st.

Earlier, we talked about how the EU countries are preparing for a new wave of refugees from Ukraine with the approach of cold weather. And also about Are Ukrainian utilities and energy companies ready for the first frosts?predicted for this week.

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