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29 June 2022 18: 45
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Condemn Russia and sing: which of the Russian artists can come on tour to Ukraine

Russian artists who are included in the "white list" will not only be able to perform in Ukraine, but also their songs and videos will be played on Ukrainian radio stations and TV.

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Condemn Russia and sing: which of the Russian artists can come on tour to Ukraine

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine On June 19, made changes to Law "On touring events in Ukraine". According to which, it is forbidden to organize and conduct touring events, the participants of which are singers and musicians who are citizens of a state recognized by the parliament as an aggressor state. But in case the aforementioned artists are included in list of Russians condemning the war against Ukraine, these changes do not apply to them.

In addition, the ban on playing phonograms and music videos will also not apply to such persons, that is, they will be allowed to play on Ukrainian radio stations and TV.

How to get whitelisted

In particular, the at the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy Ukraine clarifiedhow Russian artists can get into "White list", to which the introduced by the Rada will not apply ban on Russian music.

For this artists of the Russian Federation need to apply prescribed form and declaration in support sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine within internationally recognized borders, containing:

  • a call to the aggressor state to immediately stop the aggression against Ukraine,
  • the obligation to refrain from any action or steps that could indicate support for aggression against Ukraine.

Appropriate statement from the artist or their representative or tour organizer submitted to the Security Service of Ukraine. Form, content, procedure for filing and consideration of an application for inclusion in the List are determined by the SBU in agreement with the Ministry of Culture.

Listing and de-listing carried out on the basis of the relevant decision SBU accepted by agreement with the Ministry of Culture, but no later than two working days, sent to apparatus of the National Security and Defense Council, which publishes the list on its website and ensures that it is kept up to date.

Who can remove an artist from the list

Delisting can also be based on the submission of the National Security and Defense Council, National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting or MCIP, which is sent to the SBU for processing and decision-making.

At the same time, The SBU has the right not to disclose the grounds, which caused the refusal to include a person in the white list or exclusion from it, the Ministry of Culture noted.

But all these actions will be in vain if the artist has already been included in the so-called "black list" of the Ministry of Culture of persons who pose a threat to the national security of Ukraine.

Earlier we wrote that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine supported the bill, which ban Russian music in public places, а Konotop has already banned listening to songs by Russian performers in public places, moreover, Ternopil banned street musicians from singing in Russian.

We also talked about the fact that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Humanitarian and Information Policy appealed to the President Vladimir Zelensky demanding deprive a number of well-known Russian artists of the title of People's and Honored Artists of Ukraine.

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