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28 December 2022 13: 45
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Beware New Year! How to Make the Holidays Safe for Dogs and Cats

What makes people happy can be a source of great stress for pets.

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Beware New Year! How to Make the Holidays Safe for Dogs and Cats

With the approach of the New Year, people plunge into the festive mood, set up a Christmas tree, prepare various dishes and invite guests. But in this bustle, it is important not to forget about the safety of pets, because the holiday itself can become a serious source of stress for them. We tell you what you need to do so that the animals survive the celebration as comfortably and safely as possible.

No holiday food!

The main danger for pets can be a festive table. Often, pet owners or their guests can, without hesitation, treat their pets with salads, seasoned with meat or even champagne, which can lead to gastrointestinal upset, and in the case of large dogs, even acute dilatation or volvulus of the stomach, which is dangerous for life.

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The most dangerous products, in addition to alcohol, are chocolate, mayonnaise, hot spices, grapes and tangerines, which can cause poisoning or allergic reactions. Therefore, guests are worth warn not to treat your dog or cat goodies from the table, and even more so - to give them alcohol.

And so that guests can treat the pet if they wish, prepare for this a special vase with goodies for him, which can be put on the table. You can put in it a ready-made purchased delicacy, baked chicken or turkey fillet, dried meat, vitamin goodies and the like.

It is also worth keeping an eye on where candy wrappers – their animals can also swallow.

Forbidden toys

The Christmas tree as the main decoration of the holiday is fraught with many dangers. Often animals can check it for stability: jump, climb a tree, play with toys.

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It's fun until the tree falls and accidentally injures the animal. Therefore, the tree must be made as stable as possible so that it is extremely difficult to knock it down.

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Also, animals can try it on the tooth, not disdaining either a living tree or a plastic one.

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The first symptom of a needle getting into the mouth or throat of a pet is that a cat or dog will rub its muzzle against accessible surfaces and rub its muzzle with its paws in an attempt to get rid of the cause of discomfort. In this case, you need to quickly take the Christmas tree eater to the veterinary clinic.

Also dangerous are Christmas toys and decorations. Small and breakable toys should be hung higher, because if they break, animals can cut themselves.

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It is necessary to hide the wires of the electric garland from the animals and not use the rain, which they can swallow, which can lead to injuries of the gastrointestinal tract and surgery. On New Year's holidays, many cats die from this, because rain must be removed in places inaccessible to animals. At the same time, in no case should you try to pull out the rain yourself, since in this way you can damage the internal organs of the animal - you need to contact a specialist as soon as possible!

Salutes, firecrackers and fire

Animals can suffer and get burnt from the beautiful tradition of lighting in the house sparklersso they need to be kept away.

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Also, pets react very sharply to loud sounds caused by fireworks, explosions of firecrackers and the like. In this regard, a cat or dog at home must have your quiet corner, where they can sit out the explosions, you can also be with them at this time.

In addition, dogs that are very frightened of loud sounds should not be taken outside at this time. In addition, there is a danger that the dog may break free and run away due to fear. To find a pet in this case, you need to hang a token with the name and phone number of the owner on its collar in advance. The token can be ordered at the pet store.

Drivers should also be especially careful on New Year's Eve, as runaway dogs can rush in a panic without understanding the road.

Too Much Attention

Often, guests invited to the celebration can give pets increased attention, especially when intoxicated, which can be not only unpleasant for the animal, but also become an additional source of stress.

Someone will get scared and run away, and someone may start scratching and biting. Therefore, it is better to stop such signs of attention, and if possible, close the pet in a room where they will not touch it, and it will be able to stay in relative peace until everyone leaves. And especially it is impossible to leave pets together with hyperactive children unfamiliar to them, as they can harm each other.

Smoking is bad for everyone

Everyone knows about the dangers of smoking, while tobacco smoke is especially dangerous for birds and rodents. Therefore, you need to warn guests not to smoke indoors.

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Let's emphasize: caring owners are simply obliged on the eve of the celebration to collect contacts of the nearest veterinary clinics with the schedule of their work these days.

We also told what to expect from the New Year 2023 and how to meet it, and published main weekends and holidays of 2023.

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