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26 August 2022 17: 30
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“Weapons must be silenced”: deputies of the ruling party of Germany opposed the arming of Ukraine

Against the background of the energy crisis, from which Germany will suffer more than other EU countries, MPs insist on a ceasefire in Ukraine and peace talks with Russia.

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“Weapons must be silenced”: deputies of the ruling party of Germany opposed the arming of Ukraine

A number of deputies from ruling in Germany the social democrat parties spoke out against the supply of heavy weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and called for an urgent ceasefire in Ukraine. About it сообщает magazine spiegel with reference to a document entitled "Weapons must be silenced."

A ceasefire should be the starting point for large-scale peace talks

The publication notes that among the signatories of this appeal, several members of the Bundestag, the European Parliament and the federal states of Germany, as well as the former Prime Minister of Bremen Carsten Seeling and Mayor of Dortmund Thomas Westphal.

“The continuation of the war will lead to more death and destruction. We need to achieve a ceasefire as soon as possible, it will be the starting point for large-scale peace negotiations ... We need to stop the escalation spiral. Therefore, when supplying weapons, it is necessary to carefully weigh and consider where the “red lines” pass, which can be regarded as entry into the war and entail appropriate reactions,”— stated in the appeal.

According to the text of the document, according to spiegel, deputies spoke against the creation of no-fly zones in Ukraine, and against the supply of fighters and battle tanks for the Ukrainian army. In addition, they called for dialogue with the Russian Federation и "increasing diplomatic efforts" with the involvement China as an intermediary.

"According to the authors of the appeal to peace, a "new attempt at a global policy of detente" is needed. Security and peace "cannot be mutually armed." Rearmament plans are assessed "skeptically or negatively"", - the edition writes.

An interesting statement was made by the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, communicating with people in the earth Saxony-Anhalt. In particular, he assured that Germany will not supply weapons to Ukraine for strikes on the territory of Russia, as this could provoke an escalation of the conflict, the newspaper writes. T Online.

According to Scholz, German government and will continue to operate "prudent and prudent" when making decisions about supply of weapons to Ukraine. The Chancellor stressed that цspruce isto support Ukraine, but at the same time prevent escalation and the spread of war. "And you can be sure that we will always have the prudence, clarity and firmness to make decisions based on this principle.", the German chancellor assured.

In addition, he added that in this matter Germany focuses on the allies.

"We will never go alone, but we will always be guided by what our allies are doing. And I think this is the principle that everyone else followed"Scholz said.

Cold showers, dark streets, ski resorts without snow, and Christmas markets without lights

In the meantime Bloomberg once again reminds that due to the war in Ukraine and as a result of the energy crisis that has covered Europe, EU residents are forced to say goodbye to hot showers and street lamps. Moreover, as the newspaper notes, it is Germany that feels these negative consequences most of all.
"Germany, where almost half of households use gas for heating, is more vulnerable than other EU countries," the publication writes and provides an overview of key initiatives to limit energy consumption in the EU and in particular in Germany.


  • Ban on heating private pools
  • Some rooms in public buildings are no longer heated.
  • Reducing minimum office temperature to 19 degrees Celsius (66 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Ban on most outdoor lighting of buildings and monuments
  • Improving energy efficiency in public and private buildings


  • By October, French supermarket chains will turn off illuminated store signs after closing, and retail spaces will reduce lighting by 30% and lower temperatures to 17°C during peak shopping hours, if directed by the government.
  • For example, the country's finance ministry has said it will turn on the heat only when the office temperature drops below 19°C and won't cool until it is above 26°C.


A new plan to reduce consumption in Italy could be approved at a cabinet meeting as early as next week. According to Italian media, it may include:

  • Reducing temperatures and shortening heating times in homes and offices during the winter to reduce gas consumption for heating by more than 10%
  • Reduce lighting in public places and shops at night
  • Extend the life of coal-fired power plants to reduce gas consumption for power generation
  • Shutting down factories may be part of the plan, but several energy-intensive industries are already cutting back on operations due to skyrocketing costs.


  • Limiting air conditioning to 27°C in public buildings and most businesses, as well as at airports and train stations.
  • Installation of heating not higher than 19°C in winter, except in hotel rooms, restaurant kitchens, hairdressers, gyms, schools and hospitals.
  • Prohibition of illumination of monuments and shop windows at night
  • Requiring store doors to be closed whenever heating or cooling systems are in operation.


At the moment Switzerland claimsthat private households would be exempt from any forced rationing. The country's government will ask, not force, households and businesses to reduce gas consumption by 15% from October to March, taking steps such as lowering indoor heating temperatures. But if the voluntary approach doesn't work, consultations are underway on enforcement measures, including forcing gas-fired industries to switch to oil and cutting supplies to the public sector.


  • Lowering the room temperature
  • Increased use of public transport and slower motorists.
  • Taking a shorter shower
  • Reducing time spent on digital devices


  • Insulation of attics and facades, with the government offering a tax credit on the associated labor costs.
  • Switch to more efficient faucets
  • Sealing, repairing or replacing windows and front doors
  • Complementing heating systems with a heat pump


  • Switching off heating systems in summer
  • Reducing daily hot showers from 15 minutes to five minutes, saving the average family about $700 a year.
  • Using a clothesline instead of a tumble dryer saves households about $350 a year.
  • Running appliances like a dishwasher at night to take advantage of cheaper electricity prices during off-peak periods.


The government of the Netherlands does not take measures on the eve of winter, and the state gas company said that the country will have enough reserves of blue fuel. But there is a program called "Save Energy Now!" that encourages people to use heat pumps, heat recovery ventilation, solar water heating and better insulation of roofs, floors and windows.


Vienna has promised to save some costs by postponing the start of winter Christmas market lighting, while ski centers can save money by reducing artificial snow and limiting overnight operations. The national government has yet to introduce mandatory measures in the country to fill one of the continent's largest gas storage networks to 80% capacity.


  • Temperature control in buildings
  • Turning off lights and computers
  • Changes in street lighting


Ireland is not tied to the EU's gas savings initiative as the country gets most of its gas from the UK, but the government is still urging people to reduce their energy consumption this winter through the "Cut Down" campaign.

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