Nikita Trachuk
02 December 2021 18: 15

Omicron is advancing: Ukraine massively closes borders for African countries - however, they didn’t fly to us from there

All these chaotic movements of the government are like actions for the sake of action.

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Omicron is advancing: Ukraine massively closes borders for African countries - however, they didn’t fly to us from there

In the context of the rapid spread of a new strain of coronavirus called Omicron, the Ukrainian government has decided to take preventive measures. In particular, the prime minister Denis Shmygal said at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers that a special resolution is being adopted that closes entry for citizens from a number of African states, where another flywheel of the epidemic is now unfolding.

We only dream of peace, as in a famous song. Before everyone had time to vaccinate at least against the earliest strains of coronavirus (and this is not to mention the “delta”), how the whole planet was “pleased” with new news: somewhere in the wilds of Africa, due to the low percentage of vaccination of the population and the general pathogenicity of the region, a new, previously unknown type of virus that causes Covid-19. This is about strain "omicron". It is already being called much more deadly than any and all varieties before it. And there are also well-founded suspicions that all current vaccines against it are either ineffective at all, or simply help extremely poorly.

It is known that a new type of virus has already entered Europe. In particular, he already identified in Greece, Finland, Iceland and other European countries. And in the EU they are completely afraid that in the near future it will Omicron will cause half of all infections covid in the European Union. Against this background, the world has again started talking about total lockdowns and closing borders.

What is Ukraine doing, in which a new strain has not yet been discovered - although everyone understands that this is a matter of time? Prime Minister Shmygal decided to work ahead of the curve and soon the Ukrainian state will close its borders to guests from a number of African countries.

“In order to prevent the spread of a new strain of coronavirus in Ukraine, today we will adopt a resolution that will prohibit foreign citizens from crossing the Ukrainian border from countries where the spread of a new strain has been recorded.”- said Shmygal.

The restrictions will come into effect on December 3. Ukrainians returning from these countries will have to undergo a two-week self-isolation even if they are vaccinated.

The list of countries is as follows: South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique and Malawi. There are 8 states in total. Their citizens will no longer be able to visit Ukraine.

And now the question arises about the effectiveness of these measures - and just common sense. How many tourists from Malawi or Eswatini do you think visit Ukraine? And how many Ukrainians like to spend their holidays in Lesotho or Mozambique? We guarantee that the vast majority will not find them even on the map (moreover, in these countries, the locals in these countries will hardly show Ukraine on the map in the same way). But what is there: how many even knew until now about a country like Eswatini? If anything, this is the former Swaziland. The answer is, of course not.

In the end, planes do not fly to Ukraine from these countries! Try to find a flight to Eswatini, Lesotho or Namibia. With a probability close to 100%, failure will await you. Such routes do not exist, and you can fly there either by rare charters during the tourist season, or with the help of multiple and long transfers.

Does this mean that Omicron is safe for Ukraine? Definitely not! But it will most likely be brought to us not from distant African countries, with which we do not even have air communication, but from the very Europe that is already beginning to detect its outbreaks here and there. And, according to this logic, it is with Europe that we should close the borders in order to prevent the entry of “omicron”.

However, no one will do this: because of trade and economic ties, because of migrant workers, because of tourism, and because, in the end, Western partners will not understand. So the discovery of "omicron" in Ukraine, alas, is only a matter of time. And the ban on entry to citizens of states that do not enter here anyway is nothing more than profanity and action for the sake of action.

We have previously collected all the information about the new strain of coronavirus "omicron".

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