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31 December 2020 15: 45
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Hunt for Akhmetov's business empire and alliance with Kolomoisky

Today, December 31, KlymenkoTime will tell stories about the prospects for 2021. The second story is the hunt for Rinat Akhmetov's business empire.

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Hunt for Akhmetov's business empire and alliance with Kolomoisky

As promised, continues the topic outlook for 2021.

Story #2 - Hunt for Akhmetov's business empire

We see this story as the most interesting and promising in terms of consequences. We are talking about the campaign that began in December with the release of the film on Hromadske "Heir". This is a film about life, death and legacy. Evgenia Shcherbanya, the largest businessman in Ukraine and Donbass in the 90s. And this film is positioned as an investigative work of his son, Yevgeny Shcherban Jr. The main villain in it in the end - Akhmetov. Additional villain - Taruta.

The film, by the way, has already collected more than 1 million views. Which, taking into account the general dynamics of views on Hromadsky's channel, looks very atypical and suggests one thought - advertising. Although personally we did not see the advertising promotion of this film.

Be that as it may, the film "The Heir" was only the first step. This became clear later, after a series of materials on such resources as Novoye Vremya, Radio Liberty, and Ukrayinska Pravda. We dismantled this campaign cascade.

After that, there was news that made it possible to understand that the story was by no means finished. with Rotterdam+. Although, given how the Office of the President is now hitting NABU positions, they are not ready to vouch that 2021 will Sytnik and his departments will be a year of successful implementation of their plans. According to Akhmetov - including.

But even taking this into account, the story of the expulsion of Akhmetov's people from the President's Office, the Ministry of Energy and the Antimonopoly Committee suggests that his position in power is weakening. Again, it is characteristic that in the case with the Ministry of Energy, all the same media outlets played an active role. And the soros even went to a situational alliance with Kolomoiskyto advance to the ministry Vitrenko. True, they did not give votes for his appointment in the Rada. But that was how it was intended - there were no plans to give him the chair of the first vice-speaker and a full-fledged minister. But to put Akhmetov's people in the status of "acting", removing Akhmetov's people from the Ministry of Energy - just right.

In general, Western agents decided to hit the oligarchs and Rinat Leonidovich was chosen as the first victim. So far, he is in no hurry to fight back in the media plan, but he is already taking some steps.

For example, on December 29, another son - Ruslan Shcherban, with whom Akhmetov has normal relations, gave an interview to Dmitry Gordon. Following this, accented talking points were launched on a number of Telegram channels. Which take Akhmetov out of the blow in the story of the murder of Yevgeny Shcherban. And they focus on another figure - the ex-premier Pavle Lazarenko, who is still in the United States after his arrest. Another important thesis of the interview is that Ruslan Shcherban has no claims against Akhmetov.

The plot of the posts - Yevgeny Shcherban and Pavel Lazarenko had a conflict, there was competition in the gas market and there were disputes over debts. The authors of the texts even went so far as to accuse Lazarenko of financing the filming of The Heir. Like, to divert suspicion from yourself. The version is not working at all, because it does not answer the main question - "why now?". Plus, in this campaign, there is a frank trace of soroSMI. Which is certainly difficult to suspect of working for Lazarenko.

In a word, in 2021 this story will continue. And if Western agents in Ukrainian politics strengthen or at least maintain their influence at the current level, the oligarch will "fly" more than once in the new year.

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