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02 February 2023 18: 53
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Limited fit is also needed by the homeland

Who is being drafted into the army now, how is mobilization going, and what is it all leading to

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Limited fit is also needed by the homeland

In Ukraine, even disabled people can now be drafted into the army. But officials, deputies and representatives of grant organizations have the right to die for Ukraine Cabinet did not provide.

“Those persons liable for military service who are limitedly fit for military service in wartime, can be mobilized, but their service will take place not in combat units, but in military support units ", - said the day before Head of the Personnel Department of the Headquarters of the Command of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Roman Gorbach.

We note right away that under "limited fit for military service" people with disabilities of group III are eligible. The corresponding bill was adopted by the Rada in June 2022. However, at that time there was no need to update this norm - at the beginning of the summer there were even enough volunteers in the army.

But February 2023 Ukraine meets with clear personnel crisis. This is clearly seen in the large-scale delivery of subpoenas throughout the country, and in the abundance of daily obituaries on social networks. We have already described the peculiarities of mobilization in Ukraine - the distribution of subpoenas takes place using exotic, and in some cases, absolutely wild methods. Military commissars can appear in a restaurant, a church, and even at a funeral procession.

We are far from wanting to demonize the work of military commissars, as they did, for example, during the second Maidan with respect to traffic police officers. But traffic cops really took bribes then, although at the same time they performed an important function in the prevention of traffic accidents. The military commissars in modern Ukraine just as rampantly violate all sorts of laws, but at the same time perform an important function replenishment of the personnel reserve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The problem is not initially in the military. It is unlikely that they themselves like the format of the call, which they are now implementing, and at the same time they are exposed on the Networks as sadists. But at the same time, you need to understand what is not their personal initiative. All plans and directives are received by military commissars from above. And therefore, when disabled people fall under mobilization, even if they are of the weakest group with the wording that they can perform some secondary functions, this is already evidence that there are real problems with the personnel in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Taking into account the announced wide deliveries of Western weapons to Ukraine, we see the mobilization tasks of the authorities as follows. Intensive training of shock corps is taking place in the country, most prepared for such actions reserves. How many such formations are being prepared in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as how sufficient they are in quantitative and qualitative terms, this can be found out already directly during the offensive itself, if it takes place at all.

Head of GUR Budanov, for example, in the last interview he again claims that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will enter the Crimea in the summer. And it is unlikely that units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, recruited from frightened conscripts, who are being handed summons right now by jumping out of the Ambulance Commissars, will rush into Crimea. able to solve such problems only well-trained and well-coordinated army formations.

However, they are now being drafted into the army literally all. The same military commissars on the streets, for example, have the opportunity to at least visually evaluate the "personnel unit" to which they hand over the summons. But they are given to absolutely everyone, that is, there is not even a visual selection. This indicates that it is necessary to plug holes at the front right now.

At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the basic goal-setting of the authorities - to ensure an effective strategic offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine already spring-summer of the current year. And this, by definition, cannot be done by people from the street - without training, skills, and very often unsuitable for military service for health reasons.

In fact, this can only mean one thing - the best are being prepared for the offensive, and to contain right now the arching front - everyone else. Accordingly, any yesterday's conscript who has completed a minimum two-week training course for a fighter can find himself directly at the front.

Where there is more cynicism, and where - situational expediency - it is easy to answer, depending on whose shoes each individual conscript is in. Finally, at the General Staff directively decidehow best to allocate reserves in this war.

Another thing is that in Ukraine it is all the same remain "thieves"who, through the decisions of the authorities, knocked out a reservation for themselves from getting into the army. In fact, these are all officials working in government structures, deputies of various levels, and what is completely wild - “civil activists implementing projects at the expense of foreign partners". That is, all grant-eaters. It means that Shabunin, Leshchenko, Hire, Sternenko, children of officials and many other young, but very special, spared the attention of military commissars.

As a result, layouts for social justice such. Even a disabled person may be at the front near Bakhmut today. But the 38-year-old ex-premier will definitely not be there Alexey Goncharenko, 47-year-old lieutenant colonel Alexey Arestovich or 50 year old adviser to the head of the Presidential Office Mykhailo Podolyaka. The war in Ukraine seems to have already acquired a total scale, but only for individual Ukrainians feng shui prohibited die for the country.

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