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27 May 2021 08: 01
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Another bottom has been broken: a collaborator and a participant in the mass murder are glorified in the Vinnytsia Museum

Dolinsky emphasizes that Grabets is not just any “fighter against fascism”, but a real war criminal

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Another bottom has been broken: a collaborator and a participant in the mass murder are glorified in the Vinnytsia Museum

The local history museum of the Vinnitsa region is currently hosting an exhibition about the "anti-Nazi activities of the OUN-UPA" in Volyn and Podolia.

The topic itself, to put it mildly, is ambiguous, and the choice as the "highlight of the program" Omelyan Grabtsa is simply outrageous. A separate stand is dedicated to him. head of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee Eduard Dolinsky.

At the same time, Dolinsky emphasizes that Grabets is by no means a fighter against fascism. According to him, he was a real collaborator and war criminal, as well as the commandant of the Ukrainian auxiliary police in Rivne.

- Grabets - a direct participant in the mass murder of about 30 thousand Jews in Rivne and its environs, participated in all stages of the extermination of Jews: pogroms, ghettos, robberies, violence, the use of slave labor, the organization of hunger, beatings and mass destruction, Dolinsky wrote on Facebook.

The head of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee was very outraged by the fact that there was not a word about these “achievements” of Grabets on a separate honorary stand, just as there was no photo where he was depicted in the uniform of a policeman in 1941.

Dolinsky stressed that the fake exhibition will run until the end of October 2021. It was organized with the support Ukrainian Institute of National Memoryand.

The public figure also recalled that in Vinnitsa, where the exhibition is being held, a street was even named after Omelyan Grabets.

Under the post of Dolinsky, many expressed their dissatisfaction, they say, the government organizes Nazi events without being ashamed of it. Some decided to write even more interesting facts about Grabets, which they read in historical books and memoirs.

So, Michael Barst noted that the so-called "hero", to whom a separate stand is dedicated, is also a Gestapo member.

- The wife writes in her memoirs how in 1941 he was offered to serve in the Gestapo, and he agreed. “If he refused, he would have been arrested immediately.” And he fought Nazism, right Stirlitz, - He wrote.

- I saw a photo of real fighters against Nazism, Germans, by the way. Only there were these photographs in the crematorium of the Dora concentration camp, where the Nazis destroyed them, - emphasized Galina Rosenbaum.

Part of the user cites historical articles, where it is written that Grabets is a traitor and even an executioner.

- Ukrainian collaborator O. Grabets went through the typical path of a traitor, characteristic of the OUN-UPA leaders. Plast - UVO - OUN - SD - UDP - UPA. But as it turned out, it was not only a terrorist and a punisher, but also a thief-executioner, - said Sergei Migal.

Under the post, people agreed on one thing: the authorities and specific Ukrainian officials should be responsible for whitewashing Nazi collaborators.

It is noteworthy that the exhibition is held for budget money. The Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance has hit another bottom, which has not surprised anyone for a long time. This government agency has never lived up to its name, and it doesn't seem to be going forward either.

Earlier it became known that during the military parade dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Ukrainian independence, Scythian warriors will march along the main street of the capital, knightly cavalry of Russians and Cossacks, soldiers of the UPA, soldiers of the Red Army, as well as military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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