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30 December 2022 18: 00
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New Year's by candlelight? Will Ukrainians have light on holidays

The OP assures that they are doing everything to ensure that there are no power outages on New Year's Eve.

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New Year's by candlelight? Will Ukrainians have light on holidays

After yesterday's next massive shelling from the Russian Federation one of the main questions that worries Ukrainians is whether they will be able to at least in the New Year to be with the light. The authorities do not answer this question unequivocally, but they assure that one of the main tasks is to provide the population with electricity on a festive night.

This was stated by the Deputy Head of the Office of the President Kirill Timoshenko on the air of the telethon, writes RBK-Ukraine.

"The task that we have is, most importantly, that on New Year's Eve all Ukrainians, namely household consumers, as they are called by power engineers, were with light. And I think that we will succeed," - he said.

В press-service Ukrenergo noted that on the morning of December 30, there is a shortage of power in the power system is at the same level as before the tenth massive Russian missile attack. It is noted that the consequences of the damage had significantly less impact on the operation of the power system in Ukraine than expected in the Russian Federation and everything is restoring normal operation as planned - generation power set continues.

At the same time, due to falling into some power facilities the situation in the southern and eastern regions remains difficult. Repair crews are working to fix the damage. All regions received consumption limits, exceeding which leads to the need for emergency shutdowns.

Meanwhile DTEK reported that Kyiv returns to schedules of stabilization shutdowns Sveta.

"By joint efforts, the power engineers managed to carry out technical work that made it possible to stabilize the situation in Kyiv", the press release says.

Recall that after the last attack 40% of Kyiv residents were left without electricity, the mayor of the capital reported Vitaliy Klichko.

"40% of consumers in the capital after a missile attack are without electricity. Due to the necessary security measures taken by power engineers during an air raid. Now power engineers are working to restore power supply," - He wrote.

And according to NetBlocks  communication in many areas has deteriorated significantly.

"Indicators indicate a deterioration in communications in many regions of Ukraine against the backdrop of a powerful Russian missile strike that affected the energy infrastructure", - the report says.

The worst indicators were in the Lviv region and Odessa.

Until the last missile attack on Ukraine, the energy specialists assured that the situation in the power system is improving daily: electricity production increases and it turns out to deliver it to consumers. But, according to the Minister of Energy Herman Galushchenko, the fact that Ukrainians were able to celebrate Christmas on December 25 with light does not indicate that the same can be done on New Year's Eve. Since it is possible that during the New Year holidays Russia strikes again on the energy system of Ukraine.

Then the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal saidthat there is every chance that Ukrainians will celebrate the New Year without emergency blackouts.

"I want to emphasize: in the absence of shelling, the New Year holidays will pass without emergency shutdowns," Shmyhal said.

The Prime Minister explained that Ukrainian authorities are preparing daily to new massive shelling from the Russian Federation, because, according to him, now Russia is preparing to continue attacks on the Ukrainian energy system and this can happen anytime, even on New Year's Eve.

It remains to be hoped that yesterday's missile attack on Ukraine was the last, at least this year, but better, of course, the last in general.

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