Julia Shvytkina
24 October 2022 13: 55

New details on the Boguslayev case: he was afraid of nationalists and was sympathetic to the Iskander strike on Motor Sich

The SBU published recordings of telephone conversations of the president of Motor Sich, which were made back in March.

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New details on the Boguslayev case: he was afraid of nationalists and was sympathetic to Iskander's strike on Motor Sich

Security Service of Ukraine published audio recordings of telephone conversations of the president of Motor Sich Vyacheslav Boguslaev, proving, according to the SBU, that the company supplied spare parts for attack aircraft to Russia after a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. About it сообщили in the press service of the department.

The SBU avoids mentioning Boguslayev’s last name, naming only his position, but at the same time they focus on the fact that the accused is "an official who was previously repeatedly elected as a people's deputy from the Party of Regions. The department claims that by his actions the head of the enterprise "actually supported the enemy and helped him shell Ukrainian cities and villages."

One of the publicized conversations, according to the Security Service, took place in March of this year. In particular, according to the department, the recordings sound voices of Boguslaev and Anatoly Sitnov, chairman of the board of directors of a Russian enterprise "Engines" Vladimir Klimov Motor Sich". Based on the conversation, the president of Motor Sich proposes to send equipment from Zaporozhye to Russia via Croatia or Montenegro.

"We are ready to send you spare parts. Just think, through Croatia or where did you have it, Montenegro? You had good ends somewhere", the entry says.

In another fragment of the conversation, which, according to the SBU, also took place in May, Boguslaev told the former general director of the Rostvertol aircraft manufacturing company Petru Motrenkothat the Zaporozhye enterprise sends to Russia dozens of D-136 aircraft engines.

In other fragments of conversations published by the SBU, a man identified by the security services as the president of Motor Sich tells his unidentified interlocutors that he understands the Russian strike on the territory of Motor Sich, and reflects that if Putin stops attack, then "nationalists will finish us".

"If Putin finishes, then the nationalists will finish us here. Iskander-M fell on the territory of the plant, we treat this without any malice, absolutely. We understand everything," - says the entry.

Recall yesterday SBU officers detained the president of the industrial giant Motor Sich Vyacheslav Boguslaev and Head of the Department of Foreign Economic Activity of the enterprise Oleg Dzyuba. They were charged with suspicion under two articles at once: collaborationism and complicity with the aggressor state.

In particular, they are accused of establishing channels through Middle East, Europe and East Asia for the supply of wholesale lots of Ukrainian aircraft engines to Russia. We are talking about spare parts for the production and repair of Russian attack helicopters such as Mi-8AMTSh-VN "Sapson", KO-52 "Alligator", Mi-28N "Night hunter".

Earlier we said that The SBU closed four channels at once for the departure of men liable for military service from the country.

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