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01 September 2022 15: 30
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New features in Die will be useless for many Ukrainians

Now you can add a pension certificate and a residence permit to the application, but as in the case of a passport, we are talking exclusively about a biometric, not a paper document.

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New features in Diya will be useless for many Ukrainians

The Ministry of Digital Development has launched a number of new services in the Diya application. By words Vice Prime Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov, have already successfully completed their beta testing.

The application is now available:

  • pension certificates;
  • temporary residence permit;
  • type of permanent residence;
  • access to English-language documents;
  • car sharing documents.

Perhaps one of the most popular and expected services among those listed can be called ePension certificate. According to the ministry, it is used by more 12 million Ukrainians. The electronic version of the main document for pensioners will allow its owners to receive public services online, as well as present it where required, for example, in a pharmacy or public transport.

The Ministry of Digital Development noted that electronic version of the certificate will be available both for pensioners by age and for a document issued on the basis of disability. But in "Dia" only those documents will be displayed, which were issued after 2014. Therefore, if a person paper version of the certificate - it will have to be updated.

Another new service Residence permit, it will allow foreigners to verify their identity with a digital document. For example, when working in a bank. In addition, through this digital document, it will be possible to create a "DiyaSignature" and use other application services.

But again, only documents in the form of a plastic card with a contactless carrier that began to issue after April 2018.

The Ministry of Digital Development notes that they are actively working on the international integration of "DI" - documents in English, "thanks to which Ukrainians, more than 5,5 million of whom are forced to stay abroad, will be able to use digital documents outside of Ukraine".

But at the same time, no one undertakes to count the number of Ukrainians who have not received biometric documents, and, accordingly, cannot use the services of "DI". But this also applies to passports, which the vast majority of the inhabitants of our country still have paper. However, the Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov saidthat paper passports will never be added to the Diya app. According to him, this will not be done for security reasons.

Earlier we talked about the fact that the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky signed a bill passed by Parliament, which provides the possibility of online access to education documents, as well as how to open an LLC in a few seconds.

We also wrote that the government launched an application which will allow firms to send male employees on business trips abroad,

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